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review Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl Summary Á 0 En wat op grote weerstand stuit van het in verhalen en legenden zo lief afgeschilderde elfenvoik Zwaarbewapend en uitgerust met de modernste computertechnologie trekken de elfen ten strijde vastbesloten de misdadige plannen van Artemis in de kiem te. From the get go it appears Artemis Fowl is going to be about Artemis Fowl a criminal boy genius with Sherlock Holmes like powers of deduction but then bomb suad esue faeries take over the story and we end up spending just as much time if not reading about them That s fine since they re interesting and their story moves with a good dash of fun and excitement This is another of those books with a redeemable bad guy protagonist We shouldn t but we do root for him at least in some way shape or form In the natural or typical way of things that would mean the antagonists are good guys who we re hoping won t succeed at least not 100% I haven t tired of this formula just yet plus Colfer has handled it well and crafted a fast short read that doesn t give you much downtime to reflect on any potential faultsI found this book to be very similar to Jonathan Stroud s The Amulet of Samarkand with its snarky protagonist its magic in a modern setting its fantastical creatures and its infusion of light hearted comedy Things slowing down due to necessary exposition Throw in a fart jokeYou can tell Colfer did a bit of research into mythology and magical beings as we see some creature attributes from the old traditions For instance I like his portrayal of a burrowing dwarfHe also had fun with meshing the modern aspects with these old notions technology with mythology I ve not always been a big fan of that genre parts of the Ralph Bakshi movie Wizards annoyed me the first time I saw it but Colfer balances and blends the two together pretty well almost seamlessly Rating Note This was such a strong 4 that I decided to go with 5 stars

review Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

review Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl Summary Á 0 Mailt het naar zijn Mac Op ingenieuze wijze kraakt hij de code van het magische boek en ontdekt zo een manier om de elfen hun befaamde goud afhandig te maken Hij slaagt erin kapitein Holly Short de eerste vrouwelijke officier van de elfBI te ontvoer. Want to meet the guy who s smart enough to take over the world Well he s twelve years old And his name is Artemis Fowl I have two words for this book GREAT FUN If you are at all young at heart or you just want to read something different from your usual fare then check out this book Artemis will keep you entertained with his hijinks At the age of 12 Artemis is keeping his family afloat as they suffer from grief at the disappearance of Artemis Fowl Sr his father His mother has retreated into delusions and barely leaves her room The family is on the brink of bankruptcy but not for long if Artemis has anything to do with it Assisted by his faithful bodyguard a very large deadly intimidating man would do anything for him Artemis decides to steal his very own fairy to hold for ransom his very own pot of gold He doesn t realize that Holly is just as dangerous as he isWhen LEPrecon Lower Elements Police reconnaisance the covert Fairy organization policing the faery creatures that have retreated underground to get away from humans comes looking for Holly he has to fight off a siege on his house of supernatural creatures such as a troll don t want to be in their way a dwarf with flatulence from ingesting rocks and soil when he burrows his way through the earth and a centaur genius who is LEPrecon s euivalent to MI6 s and a whole slew of highly trained deadly fairies I picked this book up on a lark looking for something different to read And boy was I rewarded This book will make you laugh and keep you enthralled for hours Although this is perfectly suitable for a young teen or a pre teen it s also sophisticated for an adult to enjoy and a must read for lovers of Faery

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review Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl Summary Á 0 Artemis Fowl is een twaalfjarig crimineel meesterbrein belust op macht en geld en immer in gezelschap van zijn boomlange bodyguard Butler Wanneer Artemis erachter komt dat iedere elf een magisch boek bezit steelt hij een exemplaar fotografeert het en. I had heard some mothers in a bookstore talking about Artemis Fowl and how good it was so I finally gave in and bought the first book Summary Artemis Fowl is a child geniusbillionairecriminal mastermind who has discovered that fairies and the like are real and is seeking to exploit them He does this by kidnapping a LEPrecon for Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance The Lower Elements live underground having been driven there by the Mud People or humans I decided that the book was not good in the first few pages The writing is not up to par Some of the dialogue seems like it came from two six year olds arguing about whose laser gun was better when in fact all they have are cheap suirt guns A child s imagination is an amazing thing but the words they use to describe their imagination is uite another In addition to the bad writing and dialogue the plot is also poorly structured But what makes me really angry about this book is the attempt to brainwash kids through literature I am not opposed to teaching children morals and values through stories in fact that is the way it has been done for centuries but this book goes above and beyond what is acceptable The author Eoin Colfer is trying to teach children to take care of the environment by contrasting the ideal encourage friendly fairy society with the evil polluting dirty dolphin and puppy killing human society In attempting this he appears to be repulsed by not just pollution but of the whole human race Keep in mind that Mud People is the Fairy term for human being a term that seems to come straight out of Nazi propaganda against Jews When characters in Harry Potter called Hermione a mudblood it was clear those characters were evil In Artemis it is the most likeable most good character that uses that term Mud People to describe humans Let me share some additional passages with you If the Mud People knew about leprechauns they d probably take steps to stamp them out Pg 33 Mud People bred like rodents Pg 50 The Mud People destroyed everything they came in contact with Pg 50 The only good thing about going to the toilet was the minerals being returned to the earth but the Mud People had even managed to botch that up by treating the stuffwith bottles of blue chemicals Pg 50 She could see the pollution in the dolphins bleaching their skin white and giving them red sores on their backs And although she smiled her heart was breaking Mud People had a lot to answer for Pg 68 The smell of death and pain lingered in the blood swabbed decks Many noble creatures had died here died and been dissected for a few bars of soap and some heating oil Humans were such barbarians Pg 105 The Mud People had greased the hinges of the whaling boat with whale blubber Was there no end to their depravity Pg 106 Mud People have been stealing from us for millennia Why do you think we live underground Pg 120 unless the Mud People had learned to coexist with other species And if history had taught any lessons it was that humans couldn t get along with anyone even themselves Pg 125 I d say there was some human blood in you In describing a fairy who was a little trigger happy Then later he apologized because it had been a deeply offensive insult Pg 128 No one built weapons of cruelty like the Mud Men Pg 265 I recognize that the types of humans described in the above passages do in fact exist but not all humans are like that and we are getting better But a 7 year old reading this book can t help but come away with a deep loathing for all the other humans who are killing dolphins and destroying the Earth And again I think that teaching kids to take good care of the other is a movie endeavor for a work of fiction This book just appears to go way too far But you know what I would like to do now I would like to debate Mr Colfer s accusations on humanity using the fairy world he created for her book First a basic history of human fairy relations according to Colfer Fairies descended from Pterodactyls and lived peacefully on earth for many millennia until the humans evolved The fairies called these humans Mud People because they lived in the mud The humans apparently could not help but try and kill the fairies Cuz humans are b evil by nature Instead of fighting or teaching the humans the fairies withdrew underground and ceded the surface to this new evil species that would spend the next thousands of years systematically destroyingand all that the Fairy folk love The fairies live underground going deeper and deeper as we humans mine and drill and The fairies only return to the surface to replenish their magic Now answer me this if you care about something would you fight for it or would you run and hide Me I would fight for it and it seems that the fairies would too They don t want to see living creatures destroyed That is the basis for the plot of the book but for some reason the fairies decided to hide while the mud people destroy the earth that they care about so muchI say fight but there might be other options Education sharing of technology etc All we know is that they are not fighting or doing anything really The fairies complain about our destruction and pollution of earth However the main fairy in the book at one point uses gasoline powered wings they strap onto their backs Now granted they were an old pair of wings all the newer wings are solar powered but the fact that they had at one point used gasoline and are still using gasoline in older modeled wings indicates that they are partially responsible for the green house gases and other pollution associated with drilling and refining oil They only switched to solar recently The main fairy also complains about the human s sewage treatment What would the fairies propose that we do with our sewage besides treating it so it doesn t breed disease that isn t just harmful to humans We create so much that the earth cannot biodegrade it uickly enough to keep disease from breeding in it Now if we had the magic power to heal like the fairies then maybe we could just let it return to earth naturally and get healed from any adverse effects However the fairies won t share even healing magic with the mud people At one point author says that no one builds weapons of cruelty like the humans yet throughout the book Colfer describes fairy weapons like a Neutrino 2000 which is a platinum nuclear handgun that has three settings scorched well done and crisped to a cinder It seems like a pretty cruel weapon for just one person to weild Not only that but the gun will continue to work for well over a thousand years so not only can you use it to kill many things but should you die or lose it it will continue to work in the hands of others for a millenium But the worst weapon the fairies have invented which seems much cruel than anything humans have yet created is a Blue Rinse which is a biological bomb that destroys only living tissue leaving the landscape unchanged Can you imagine All the benefits of Hiroshima without all the bad side effects like destroying a city And what s worse is that while we have used the nuclear bomb only twice the fairies use the blue rinse on rare occasions That sounds a lot freuent than twice I don t know about you but it sounds like the fairies are just as capable as humans in the production of weapons of cruelty But this whole reviewargument is stupid There are no fairies with magic powers and if they do exist they have decided not to help us So it is up to us humans to work things out on our own While there have been some bad things in our past what matters now is our present and what we do from here on out and I would like to say that in spite of it all we are doing a pretty good job Humans are good creatures created in the image of God We are imperfect but on the whole we are all striving for perfection every day And that is all I have to say about that