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The Kingdom of Speech Free download ¸ 104 Read & Download The Kingdom of Speech Is a captivating paradigm shifting argument that speech not evolution is responsible for humanity's complex societies and achievementsFrom Alfred Russel Wallace the Englishman who beat Darwin to the theory of natural selection but later renounced it and through the c. After Wolfe s death I looked for books he authored that I hadn t read This is oneThe Kingdom of Speech is short 170 pages and leans on research than reporting However like all Tom Wolfe books it is a fun read extremely clear and non obvious as he dissects the way in which human language has been treated in evolutionary theory by among others Darwin Chomsky and Everett Wolfe s discussion of Everett s field work with the Piraha is not to be missedWhile The Kingdom of Speech is not one of Wolfe s big books it offers the welcome familiar pleasure of his analysis and description of a meaningful subject

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The Kingdom of Speech

The Kingdom of Speech Free download ¸ 104 Read & Download The Kingdom of Speech The maestro storyteller and reporter provocatively argues that what we think we know about speech and human evolution is wrongTom Wolfe whose legend began in journalism takes us on an eye opening journey that is sure to arouse widespread debate The Kingdom of Speech. Not having read any Tom Wolfe before I was riveted by the prose style of this book with its ellipses collouial asides and multiple exclamation marks I am sure it is possible to write a great book with this techniue and perhaps Tom Wolfe has already done it but this one is unfortunately a complete messI say unfortunately because as a matter of fact I agree with his basic position What Wolfe is trying to do is summarise the internecine fighting of the linguistics world that followed Daniel Everett s work on the Pirah language which attacked Noam Chomsky s idea of a universal grammar I ve written lots about all this in my review of Everett s Language The Cultural Tool suffice to say here that UG had become of an ideology than an academic theory an aggressively enforced orthodoxy that had never produced any very interesting results or been proved even slightly to reflect physiological or neurological realityWolfe sees this as a David v Goliath story plucky little Dan Everett taking on the mean old dictator Chomsky and in his telling the characters and the arguments are so simplified as to become cartoons Further the first half of the book for some reason is about Charles Darwin and Charles Lyell a diversion that is at best irrelevant and at worst misleading the main effect on me was of exhausting my patience with Wolfe s cavalier approach to historical incident Oh Charlie Charlie Charliesaid Lyell When we finally get on to the main event Wolfe simply lifts anecdotes wholesale from Everett s Don t Sleep There Are Snakes and retells them It s impossible not to feel that you d rather just be reading Everett first hand More dangerously Wolfe gives the impression that the debate over language origins has now been solved by Everett which is very far from the case Everett s main contribution was to puncture the Chomskyan hegemony his own explanation that language didn t evolve but rather was invented like a bow and arrow is interesting but a hell of a long way from conclusiveThat matters because we already get too many writers making assumptions about where language came from and when it developed and what it was for whereas the truth is that no one has the slightest idea nothing about that has changed and nor does it seem likely to not that you d know it from Wolfe s strange and breathless polemic

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The Kingdom of Speech Free download ¸ 104 Read & Download The Kingdom of Speech Ontroversial work of modern day anthropologist Daniel Everett who defies the current wisdom that language is hard wired in humans Wolfe examines the solemn long faced laugh out loud zig zags of Darwinism old and Neo and finds it irrelevant here in the Kingdom of Spee. I normally enjoy Tom Wolfe but this takedown of modern linguistics is simply a rant His new journalism style was completely unsuited to persuading me of the validity of some of his rather specious scientific arguments Despite the fairly copious footnotes there was little evidence that Wolfe s understanding of either evolution or linguistics had any depth