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  • 09 April 2020
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Adriana Locke ✓ 8 Read

Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke Read ò 108 Read Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke brings laughter and love in this friends to lovers small town romanceLove is crazy Peck Ward the sweet small town mechanic isn’t sure it’s for everyone Least of all him His life is chaotic enough without adding the pressure of a relat. Peck s book is live now on Available in KUGrab it now

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Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke

Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke Read ò 108 Read Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke Tory ends It’s not with them together His easy grin is enough to win her over Her unabashed personality does him in But are they ready to accept the fact that sometimes you don’t find love where you’re looking for it Sometimes you find it in the most unexpected craziest plac. PECK FINALLYI don t even know how to write a review for this without giving something away so I m going to have to keep it vague Peck is here Finally Which means I got all of my uestions answered Peck looks without leaping when he s in love and I just adore that about him especially considering all the things we learn about in this book like that his abandonment issues hide behind a bright smile and twinkling eyes That s probably the biggest takeaway here We all have issues It s not about finding someone with a clean slate who doesn t have issues It s about finding someone who ll get dirty with you when you need to figure it all out

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Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke Read ò 108 Read Crazy AUTHOR Adriana Locke Ionship Besides unreuited love is a real thing and he’s kind of over it This works out perfectly until a certain someone throws a wrench pun intended into his plans As they go from adversaries to friends to possibly something things get complicated After all they know how this s. Wow Adriana Locke has once again delivered a fun sexy and swoon worthy story Peck Ward is here and his journey to falling in love is Crazy I enjoyed every moment of his story fell in love with the banter between Peck and his love interest and was rooting for them every step of the way I laughed I teared up and importantly I fell in love with this couple I truly loved being back in Linton and getting to see some familiar faces as well I highly recommend grabbing the entire series and falling in love with Peck and his family 3