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characters ✓ In His Corner Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Siena Carr Now he’s looking forward to taking on this prim and proper lady in a wet and wild work outKNOCK OUTSiena has seen many patients come through the ER but none as sexy as Tommy Raines With a nasty cut over his ey. As a reader obsessed with sports themed romances the premise of this story hooked me immediately As the burgeoning relationship between Siena and Tommy unfolded though it was clear that it was going to be a rocky romance indeed From misunderstandings to preconceived notions and prejudices their time together was rife with frustrations amidst a few steamy interludes It all added up to a story that showed great promise but left me conflicted once the final page was turnedSiena is a girl who comes from money and who s used to the finer things in life Her previous relationships have been with men like her from an Ivy League school with a well paying white collar job She cares about the patients she works on but it s clear that on a personal level she s a snobwhich is reiterated by her friends her coworkers and even Tommy While many things about Tommy disappoint her in particular is his boxing which wars with her job of healing people she can t help but be drawn to him as his sweaty body and dangerous side has her wanting to break free from her picture perfect existence These conflicting feelings lead to an inner sexually charged battle of wills that results in a lot of wishy washy moments from her which left me frustrated by her juvenile behavior She was a hot and cold character that I ultimately couldn t connect with despite moments of kindness and the crackling connection that she occasionally allowed to shine through when she was with TommyTommy on the other hand was someone I could connect with courtesy of his down to earth nature He s a caring guy with a heart of gold who left college to care for his dying mother He speaks his mind no subterfuge for him which sometimes makes him appear abrasive but at least it makes him honest He hasn t let his growing fame go to his head and is still just part of the neighborhood He s endearing in his awkwardness when it comes to relationships and understanding women but his issues also exacerbate the frustrating tug of war that becomes his and Siena s relationship He wants her wholeheartedly but often acts before he thinks which angers her and has them taking two steps forward and three steps back repeatedly Some of their problems are a result of his being young but his father s abandonment also contribute to their rocky road to HFN It all combines to make a young man you can t help but like for all his awkwardness outspokenness and dedication to his family and his sportThis was a good story that I desperately wanted to love It had some enjoyable moments but Siena s inner battle over class differences marred much of the romance For Tommy alone I felt compelled to keep turning the pages as I was rooting for him as his big fight drew closer The world of boxing was nicely depicted so as not to overwhelm readers but draw them in to the fights going on in the ring as well as out of it There was also a large cast of secondary characters who were a fun and supportive group who clearly loved Tommy too Though this was my first time reading Ms Arno the promise I saw in this story has me wanting to give her another chance as I eagerly await her next book

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characters ✓ In His Corner Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E she knows he needs stiches but after he takes off his shirt she needs some air With rock hard abs and taut biceps it’s clear this man takes care of his body And all Siena can think about is letting him take care of hers. I received this book in exchange for my honest review I am nothing but honest with my reviews so I am really glad that I enjoyed In His Corner Most romantic books I have read involve the female protagonist being very emotional and feel as though they aren t good enough Here it is the other way round which is refreshingThis was a uick but steady paced booked with two POV s of the male and female protagonistsHere we have Tommy a rough and ready fighter from the other side of the tracks he lives a basic life but appreciates what he has Siena is a rich focussed doctor and it is in her nature to make people better She is a snob that has the best intentions but sees things through rose tinted glasses Tommy admits that she has flaws but has no intention on changing them because thats what makes her well her Siena though tries to educate Tommy to be like her dress better act better listen to her music and eat her types of food Tommy goes along with it to make her happy but when he needs her and wants her to be there to watch him fight she can t do it which disappoints him Siena learns many lessons however she is uite stubborn so these lessons are hard for her She becomes a better person because of Tommy She has had a privileged life growing up which means that she hasn t really wanted for anything as it was always given to her This isn t her fault entirely it was the hand she was given and Tommy knows this It was hard to like Siena at first but she pulls it back just takes her a bit of timeWhat I enjoyed most of all was the unpredictable but steady pace I am usually uite good at guessing the direction of storylines but these two gave me a run of my money There was an instant attraction but things had to happen the hard way before it could work for good and they needed each other to do that I won t tell you how they got there or if they even did You will have to read it yourself to find outThank you again Cindy for the chance to review this Looking forward to reading your future workJo

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characters ✓ In His Corner Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook WORK OUTNo sex for almost a year could kill a guy but when you’re the boxer known as the Juggernaut it’s the price you pay for turning pro Tommy’s fully dedicated to his craft until he meets the incredibly gorgeous Dr. Some women have this one problem they always want to change a guy to suit this perfect boyfriend image she s always wanted We yes I m woman don t seem to understand that were are entering a relationship not signing up for a project I live with the philosophy of how you find a man is how you should leave him Double entendre Siena was so undecided she gave me whiplash Tommy was great being such an understanding boyfriend it was beautiful to read He tells her what he doesn t like about her but doesn t want her to change one bit because it made up who he fell in love with Her she would try to change what she didn t like But I loved how she changed in the end and came to appreciate him as he is though it was after she lost him I would recommend this book to all the womenGreat read but also a lesson