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Read Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Lauren Groff The stories in this collection span characters towns decades even centuries but Florida its landscape climate history and state of mind becomes its gravitational center an energy a mood as mu. A collection of eleven short stories set mostly in the titular state Florida examines the inner lives of young women and mothers afflicted by malaise alcoholism and occasionally despair Abusive men neglected children unbearable storms and the southern wilderness recur throughout the collection the pieces gathered here feel like variations on the same set of themes Groff writes lush sentences full of palpable and unsettling images and her stories move at a measured pace Sometimes the stories felt scattered in focus and occasionally I wished they would have ended on definitive notes Favorite stories included Ghost and Empties Above and Below and Yport

Read Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff

Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff

Read Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Lauren Groff E of time With shocking accuracy and effect she pinpoints the moments and decisions and connections behind human pleasure and pain hope and despair love and fury the moments that make us aliv. 354 When she was pregnant with Jude s sister she came into the bathroom to take a cool bath one August night and without her glasses missed the three foot albino alligator her husband had stored in the bathtub The next morning she was gone Florida Hot sticky treacherous or as one character says damp dense tangle An Eden of dangerous things I have spent time there and I now live in a similar climate in Australia so I can easily imagine myself in many of these stories Moving in the humidity was like forcing my way through wet silk The Florida storms are horrific and frightening and wonderfully described Standing next to the edge of a sinkhole in the rain must be terrifying too Climate change gets than a passing mention in a few stories because Florida of course is already being inundated by rising seas and hit by heavy storms One woman has exhausted her best friend s patience with her constant worries about the future to the point that the friend has asked to take a break from her She just wishes she could take a break from herselfMost of the main characters are of a youngish or early middle age group although there is one in particular who worried about becoming what is often referred to a woman of a certain age She had rented an apartment in Salvador for a two week escape from caring for her elderly mother Her guilt ridden sisters paid for her holiday every year so she goes to live it up Helena was in that viscous pool of years in her late thirties when she could feel her beauty slowly departing from her She had been lovely at one time which slid into pretty which slid into attractive and now if she didn t do something major to halt the slide she d end up at handsomely middle aged which was no place at all to be I d be happy with handsomely middle aged but then I m not trying to party hearty fitting in a year s worth of escapades into a couple of weeks Poor HelenaThere s no uestion that Groff is a good writer I think if I d read any of these stories separately in The New Yorker Magazine or other publications where her writing appears I d have seriously enjoyed them As it is I found them repetitive and unrelentingly dismal From the woman who goes running to escape her husband her kids the nightly chores of bath and bed or maybe life itself to the woman who takes her two little boys to France to escape Florida with its storms snakes and deadly creatures in the dark There is a lot of bemoaning their condition and a lot of drinking of wine Bottle after bottle drunk aloneI felt as if all these women could be summed up by the one who took her little boys overseas hoping to enjoy a voyage of self discovery She doesn t belong in France perhaps she never did she was always simply her flawed and neurotic self even in French Of all places in the world she belongs in Florida How dispiriting to learn this of herself Dispirited is how I felt most of the time while reading this and annoyed because it is obvious to me that this is someone whose writing I d enjoy but not about women like this who all seem to be slightly different but eually miserable versions of each other I waited a few days to write this and I have to admit I find it hard to remember any of them separately They ve all melded together single married rich or poor I will definitely look for Groff s highly acclaimed first book though Thanks to NetGalley and Random House William Heinemann for the preview copy from which I ve uoted

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Read Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff Florida AUTHOR Lauren Groff Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Lauren Groff Ch as a place of residence Groff transports the reader then jolts us alert with a crackle of wit a wave of sadness a flash of cruelty as she writes about loneliness rage family and the passag. The first line in Florida never left me I have somehow become a woman who yells The entire first story was one of my favorites from the collection PersonallyI ve played with manatees taken walks in the scorching heat spent beach days with our dogs witnessed thousands of dead smelly fish along the coastline and survived the panic of my daughter caught in the middle of a nasty hurricane Florida flat as a pancake with hurricanes alligators and snakes sticky hot I miss the mountains and redwoods whenever I visit Lauren Groff got me with these short storiesI didn t expect much I haven t been a goo goo fan of herMy fear is she s too brilliant for me to understand too sarcastic too cynical and simply sees the world through all that is wrong However I kinda fell in love with Lauren and her stories in FloridaI m not jumping her fan band wagon just yetbut I felt something in these stories that was missing for me in Furies Lauren is a wizard with words an inventor with her sentences an artist creator and part subtle comedian These stories are dark but not without humor I can t believe I m saying this but I could easily read this again In fact I d love to want toLauren s stories spin on words creative gorgeous sentences moved me I experienced all that s wrong with the world funneled through mothers in Floridathrough their anger vulnerability but also from a place of ownership responsibility I enjoyed this bookand surprised myself