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  • The Nazi Officer's Wife
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  • 24 November 2019
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summary The Nazi Officer's Wife ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub summary · E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Edith Hahn Beer free read The Nazi Officer's Wife Ed by the Russians and sent to Siberia Edith was bombed out of her house and had to hide in a closet with her daughter while drunken Russians soldiers raped women on the streetYet despite the risk it posed to her life Edith Hahn created a remarkable collective record of survival She saved every set of real and falsified papers letters she received from her lost love Pepi and photographs she managed to take inside labor camps On exhibit at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC these hundreds of documents form the fabric of an epic story complex troubling and ultimately triumphan. Found on the history clearance cart at our local HPB The Nazi Officer s Wife was a surprise weaving itself into the heart of my WW2 studies Author Edith Hahn Beer s personal story of survival remained untold for almost 50 years until encouragement from her daughter born in a Nazi Germany hospital inspired her to share the memories she d long lived in silence with I did not discuss my life as a U boat a fugitive from the Gestapo living under a false identity beneath the surface of society in Nazi Germany but preferred to forget as much as possible and not to burden younger generations with sad memories Edith grew up in a moderately well off secular Jewish family in Vienna Austria Her father died before the Nazi invasion leaving Edith s beautiful mother to support 3 daughters via her dressmaking talent A beautiful young woman herself Edith studied law at the University of Vienna and fancied herself in love with a young socialist who was himself saved from the Holocaust by his Catholic mother Until the Nazi s absorbed Austria a dream of socialist utopia was the political movement of the youth of Edith s day allowing Hitler to capitalize with his vision of National Socialism Most intriguing and fascinating about Edith s history is the way in which she reveals to us day to day Nazi Germany from the perspective of citizen and Jew simultaneously Her s is a tale of courage of stamina of forbearance and fortitude of the adaptability of the human spirit in order to survive Edith projects a human face into my reading of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Her experiences are the cry of the clarion calling us to be ever vigilant in promoting liberty throughout the world and defending America s freedoms here at home Edith died just last year March 2009 but her legacy lives on at the United States Holocaust Museum

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summary The Nazi Officer's Wife ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub summary · E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Edith Hahn Beer free read The Nazi Officer's Wife Man's identity papers in hand Edith fled to Munich There she met Werner Vetter a Nazi party member who fell in love with her And despite her protests and even her eventual confession that she was Jewish he married her and kept her identity secretIn vivid wrenching detail Edith recalls a life of constant almost paralyzing fear She tells of German officials who casually uestioned the lineage of her parents; of how when giving birth to her daughter she refused all painkillers afraid that in an altered state of mind she might reveal her past; and of how after her husband was captur. Edith Hahn was one of the few Jews hiding in plain sight in the Reich during the Second World War Jews who evaded deportation were known as U boats Those who could pass for Aryan in looks and had the right connections could take their chances living on falsified papers That s how Edith Hahn 29 year old Austrian law student became Grete Denner meek 21 year old nurse s aid living in Munich Every day she lived in fear of capture She couldn t use food ration or clothing coupons because it would tip off the authorities She took a job at the Red Cross specifically because they did less background checks and fed their nurses on siteWhen Edith now Grete caught the eye of Nazi officer Werner Vetter it seemed like a stroke of bad luck that could expose her But it wound up being what saved her So besotted by her Werner didn t turn her into the Gestapo but rather married her Edith fell into the roll of the submissive dutiful hausefrau expected of German women That made Werner happy and making him happy kept her alive But there was also true love between them I think that was one of the genuine surprises of the book that Edith could fall in love with a man who viewed her blood as racially inferior But Edith would be uick to point out that no one person was all good or all bad Sometimes it was the most brutal SS man who saved your life and the sweetest old lady who betrayed you for a few coinsI found Edith s story really compelling I found some of her decisions hard to understand but then again I ve never been in her shoes One thing I really appreciated was the uniue insight into the German collective psyche during the war After V Day you couldn t find a single Nazi in all of the country everyone was against the regime and always had been But during the war many Germans would candidly speak to each other about things they would later deny ever saying or even thinking Posing as a fellow upstanding Aryan Edith was a first hand witness to thisThe one problem with this book is that it isn t organized as well as it could be People are mentioned forgotten and then mentioned again much later with no reminder for the reader who they are The author also does not utilize dates nearly enough Overall though pretty good memoir from a woman with a uniue life story

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summary The Nazi Officer's Wife ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub summary · E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Edith Hahn Beer free read The Nazi Officer's Wife Edith Hahn was an outspoken young woman studying law in Vienna when the Gestapo forced Edith and her mother into a ghetto issuing them papers branded with a J Soon Edith was taken away to a labor camp and though she convinced Nazi officials to spare her mother when she returned home her mother had been deported Knowing she would become a hunted woman Edith tore the yellow star from her clothing and went underground scavenging for food and searching each night for a safe place to sleep Her boyfriend Pepi proved too terrified to help her but a Christian friend was not With the wo. It annoys me hearing millennials whine about how they need faster internet and all the latest cell phones before anyone bites my head off I m of the millennial generation myself so I m not trying to be prejudiced People of my generation take everything they have not just their material items but also their rights and freedoms for granted This book tells the story of a woman whose freedom was taken from her living a life in constant fear having to hide her very ethnicity just to protect herself her husband an SS officer and her daughter chilling stuff very disturbing realities are documented here and yet there s a light at the end of the tunnel for this brave woman Definitely an excellent book worth reading