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FREE DOWNLOAD Life on Loan FREE DOWNLOAD · Life on Loan READ & DOWNLOAD ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Ashley Farley Ia is trying to find her way after a painful divorce With their old selves in the rearview they toast to a new beginning and it starts with a spontaneous dareAgreeing to trade houses for a month of rediscovery Lena will stay in Olivia’s Charleston condo Olivia’s retreat Lena’s isolated river cottage in the Northern Neck of Virginia Two perfect getaways Thirty four days to resetWith. Thank you Kate Rock Book Tours and NetGalley for an advanced copy I voluntarily reviewed this book All opinions expressed are my own Life on Loan By Ashley Farley REVIEW 5As a forty something woman with kids and a husband I have thought than once about going away to anywhere but here Life on Loan resonated with me It also reminded me of a movie I love The Holiday Lena and Olivia need a break so they take one A thirty day house swap for a time out sounds awesome During this time each woman experiences highs and lows as expected because the journey is an emotional one Reevaluating your life and past decisions and future direction is a very difficult task Who are you right now not who were you ten years ago because you change so much over time And what would you like to do now Lena and Olivia each take a hard look at life and learn important truths about themselves The story is so well written and relevant Women are so taken for granted For example every day for me depends on how the day goes for everyone else It s never about anything I want I have no choices and I m trapped Would I trade houses for thirty days What do you think I am already on a plane and gone Lena and Olivia are my heroes for taking back who they are and what they want


Life on Loan

FREE DOWNLOAD Life on Loan FREE DOWNLOAD · Life on Loan READ & DOWNLOAD ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Ashley Farley Fresh new perspectives and the renewal of a heartening friendship Lena and Olivia find their passions reinvent themselves and reclaim what they’ve lost When unexpected romance blooms and careers take new detours it’s also a time for courage and risk Now they’ll have to make hard choices to follow through on their promise for a second chance and finally have the lives they dream of. I loved this book actually I think I have loved everything this author has written It is about women not always young ones that have struggles they must work through and overcome to become better versions of themselvesHow lucky was Lena and Olivia to run into each other at the airport Very lucky that s for sure That chance reconnection kicked off swapping homes and finding out who they are and who they want to become in this life When the first book opens on Lena and her life I have to admit that I did not like her husband or her daughter s attitudes towards her But on the flip side Lena allowed them to treat her that way The same could be said for Olivia and the two Kates that seemed to control her life and what she reported on her blog Sure she might have done it in the beginning to boost her blog following but at some point she sold out and then realized she didn t like who she had becomeCommunication is always the key and various circumstances throughout the book teach Lena and Olivia to share their thoughts and feelings and not be run over by other people There are some precarious situations that could have ended badly had it not been for their friends and familyDefinitely a book worth reading

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FREE DOWNLOAD Life on Loan FREE DOWNLOAD · Life on Loan READ & DOWNLOAD ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Ashley Farley It’s a surprising second act for two women who decide to rewrite their lives in this enriching novel of friendship and starting over from the bestselling author of Only One Life After thirty years college friends Lena Browder and Olivia Westcoat have met again by chance at an unexpected crossroads an airport lounge in Atlanta Lena is running away from home and her demanding family Oliv. This book was so warm and sweet it charmed me completely You can t beat a book that does thatHave you ever thought of running away from home As an adult I mean Was there ever a time when you thought if only I could leave all of this behind and just take off for someplace else and start over Sure it may have seemed impossible to fathom given everything that would need to be done before you could actually run away but did the thought make you feel better even for a split secondWhen Lena and Olivia meet in an Atlanta airport lounge both are on the verge of running away from their current lives Lena has had it with her abusive husband and selfish daughter and needs to find her own way after having to do everything for everyone else with little appreciation Olivia has been living in the aftermath of a painful divorce and the successful blog she has created has put her in an untenable position with two wannabe socialites so she needs to escapeThe two women knew each other casually in college but even though they haven t seen each other in years they each sense a kindred spirit in the other a soul desperately in need of rescue When their initial escape plans are foiled by weather they hatch a plan togetherFor the next thirty days the month of October you ll stay in my cottage in the Northern Neck and I ll stay in your waterfront condo in Charleston We ll indulge ourselves eat whatever we want sleep late and leave our beds unmade if so desired We ll follow our hearts to wherever they may lead usAnd that s exactly what they do Their getaways take different paths Lena is determined to regain confidence in her photography skills and wants to become dedicated to diet and exercise When she meets another photographer willing to take her under her wing she jumps at the chance although she doesn t know the positive and negative things which will come of such an arrangement But she falls head over heels in love with Charleston and the possibilities of a life thereOlivia needs to find the confidence to write again as she knows there s a novel deep inside her but she just has to coax it to the surface Nervous about her financial situation and still reeling from the end of her marriage time in the sedate Northern Neck of Virginia is exactly what she needs especially when she meets Alistair Lena s childhood best friend who lives in the cottage next door Alistair awakens feelings Olivia hasn t had in so long but he has issues of his own to deal with And is a fling what she needsAshley Farley s Life on Loan is tremendously enjoyable a bit melodramatic and utterly compelling I really liked these characters despite their foibles and couldn t get enough of them It s always great to root for characters and care about what happens to them and if nothing in the plot seemed overly surprising it didn t matter one bit This was a uick fun read that would be perfect for the beach a plane ride or just relaxing in your favorite spotI am fortunate to be part of the blog tour for Life on Loan My thanks to Kate Rock Book Tours NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing me a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review I really enjoyed it See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomYou can follow me on Instagram at