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Make Room Make Room Read & Download å 104 World of starving billions living on lentils soya beans and if they're lucky the odd starving ratIn a city of thirty five million Andy Rusch is en. Before we had dystopian novels being pushed out like crazy in the 2000 s Make Room Make Room came out in 1966 and brought up a bleak and disturbingly believable dystopian future world one filled with extreme overpopulation pollution and madness It s still just as chilling today in fact the 21st century has made it even believable than it used to be making for a frightening but very intriguing bookIf you re a fan of the 1970 s film Soylent Green well Make Room Make Room was the basis for that film And the film s memorable scene with the detective screaming out SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE IT S MADE OUTTA PEOPLE WE GOTTA STOP EM SOMEHOW isn t in the book So if you re reading Make Room Make Room expecting a movie novel you won t find that but you still won t be disappointed Make Room Make Room is an amazing novel with a nostalgic feel but a timeless message

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Make Room Make Room Read & Download å 104 1999 automation total welfare and weekends on the moonor an overcrowded world that knows that the dawn of the new century is the edge of disaster a. Here is a 1966 novel about 1999 which is good honest miserable fun The main guy who is a cop gets to be really happy for about two pages and after that it s back to worrying about absolutely everything It s New York City and the population has skyrocketed to 35 million The whole damn country has kind of collapsed There are no private cars Tobacco is a thing of the past There are meateasies This is because you can get your meat but you have to know where But pretty much everything is now scarce because Americans in the 30 years between 1966 and 1999 ate everything and used up everything whilst all having ten kids who then had another ten kids each it seemsYou wouldn t want to live in this version of New York City You wouldn t want to even visit it for ten minutesCHUNKThis humble word is Harry Harrison s absolute favourite No idea why If you had a shot of vodka each time he uses the word CHUNK you d be dead of severe alcoholic poisoning before page 90 My own favourite word is GALLIMAUFRY but you don t see me shoehorning it into every review willynilly Willynilly is another of my favourite wordsBILLY NO MATES A THEORYMy latest literary insight is that in most novels especially thrillerish ones the protagonist has no friends Check the last three novels you read I think this is because it would make the story too complicated and annoying for the author would get in the way of the action Make Room Make Room s two main characters begin with one sort of friend for him and none for her Novelists this is very unrealistic People have friends Even I have friends Our hero s friend is nothing than a SOCK PUPPET so that Harry Harrison can explain his ideas of how overpopulation killed the USA and will kill the whole human race unless we embrace birth control The message of this novel couldn t be clearer if Harry Harrison personally came round to your house and nailed it to your forehead With another copy to be cellotaped to your bedroom mirrorHARRY ADMITS I GOT IT WRONGIn a one page afterword written in 2008 at the age of 83 HH says How right were my predictions Pretty bad in most of the general details but then he does say there s too many damn people and the developed world is soaking up all the planet s resources Which we know He predicted the population of NYC would increase from 8 million in 1966 to 35 million in 1999 which is RIDICULOUS But there is now a city Chonging which Wiki tells me has reached 30 million And others aren t far behind Shanghai 24m Delhi 21m The biggest population growth is in the developing world and this tells us that HH didn t understand the part which says that there is a correlation between affluence and family size So the families of western people shrank over the 20th century I can see this in my own family grandparents generation 9 or 10 children parents generation two or three my own generation one or two or NONEI LIKED ITEven though it s a bit of a miseryfest it zips along and HH has a real relish for all the horrible detailsA CHUNKy three stars from me

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Make Room Make Room Read & Download å 104 Gaged in a desperate and lonely hunt for a killer everyone has forgottenfor even in a world such as this a policeman can find himself utterly alone. So mankind gobbled in a century all the world s resources that had taken millions of years to store up and no one on the top gave a damn or listened to all the voices that were trying to warn them they just let us overproduce and overconsume until now the oil is gone the topsoil depleted and washed away the trees chopped down the animals extinct the earth poisoned and all we have to show for this is seven billion people fighting over the scraps that are left living a miserable existence and still breeding without control So I say the time has come to stand up and be counted Is overpopulation still a thing When was the last time you heard it discussed I don t know the answer to that there are opposing views on whether overpopulation still poses a significant threat to all of humanity or since population growth has stabilized in many countries some demographic analysts are saying that it is no longer a serious matter Nowadays climate change is generally viewed as a pressing issueIn the 60s overpopulation was perceived as a major threat and it is one of the dystopian tropes often used by sci fi authors Several overpopulation sci fi novels have become classics of the genre John Brunner s Stand on Zanzibar The Sheep Look Up by the same author and Robert Silverberg s The World Inside spring to mind However for me the one emblematic sci fi book on this subject is Harry Harrison s Make Room Make Room Make Room Make Room was first published in 1966 it is set in the then future of 1999 starting in August and ends shortly after midnight of January 1st 2000 In this version of 1999 the global population is seven billion food water electricity and living accommodations are scarce In New York where the novel is set millions of people are living on the streets public transportation is no longer in operation and all basic necessities are strictly rationed Wheat crackers have become a staple food and meat is mostly only available in an artificial form called soylent meat produced from soya beansBut how do you tell a story about overpopulation The concept does not seem to lend itself to conventional plotting Harrison does this by focusing on just a few protagonists rather than writing an epic but fragmented novel about a large cast of characters Detective Andy Rusch is the main character of this book he shares a cramped little apartment with Sol a retired engineer Andy is assigned to investigate a murder of an important businessman called Michael O Brien who is in reality a gangster with political connections O Brien lives in a walled off luxury apartment with access to unlimited electricity and water supply they even have air conditioning This is where Andy meets Shirl Greene O Brien s girlfriend who was living with the murder victim and now has to move out The two predictably form a relationship To the readers the identity of the killer is not a mystery it is a destitute teenager who attempted to burgle the apartment and was caught in the act by O Brien and accidentally killed him in self defense The first half of the book is so focused on the murder investigation that I did wonder how this is a novel about overpopulation let alone a sci fi novel However the dystopia is always there in the background in the state of Andy s apartment the people lying on the street that he has to step over to get into his home his roommate powering their refrigerator by hooking it to a bicycle and cycling like mad In the second half of the book the murder investigation fades into the background and an accident causes sea water to seep into the water supply which is uickly shut down Water become even strictly rationed and is only available from water stations which has to be carried home in bottles and buckets Children are beginning to contract kwashiorkor a form of severe protein energy malnutrition hitherto nonexistent in the US Living condition deteriorates throughout the narrative and a massive city wide riot seems imminent Make Room Make Room paints a grim and depressing picture of an overpopulated New York it frighteningly depicts the dehumanizing effect of overpopulation The way of life we take for granted is not sustainable under such conditions even the simple human interrelationships between family members and friends are corroded by the constant suffering and hardship Make Room Make Room is not a fun read as such it is too harrowing for that but it is a good thought provoking read It is uite well written with a clear straightforward prose the characters are well developed and sympathetic The fact that the actual year 1999 was nothing like this is not a reason to dismiss this cautionary tale out of hand For all we know Harrison has only overestimated the timing but the catastrophe he depicts here is still possibleNotes The film adaptation of Make Room Make Room is much better known than the book It is a 1973 movie called Soylent Green It departs from the source material in many details especially the titular foodstuff but is true to the book s spirit Is overpopulation still a problem A Yes No Maybe Harry Harrison is one of the popular sci fi authors during the 60s through to the 80s his popularity declined a bit from the 90s onward Sadly he passed away in 2012 Make Room Make Room is atypical of his output He tended to write fast paced lighthearted sci fi adventures like his signature series The Stainless Steel Rat my personal favorite of his book is West of Edenuotes The millennium is here now upon us a populous world of souls awaiting His call This is the true millennium False prophets said it was the year one thousand but there are people here in this single city than there were in the entire world at that time Now is the hour we can see it nearing we can read the signs The world can hold no it will crack asunder under the weight of the masses of people We can go without washing for a while it won t kill us and when the water is connected up again we can all have a good scrub It s something to look forward to Face it this city is through What they need here is animal trainers not policemen This whole country is one big farm and one big appetite There s just as many people down South as there is up North and since there s no public transportation anyone who tried to walk to the land of sunshine would starve to death long before he got there People stay put because the country is organized to take care of them where they are New York City trembled on the brink of disaster Every locked warehouse was a nucleus of dissent surrounded by crowds who were hungry and afraid and searching for someone to blame Their anger incited them to riot and the food riots turned to water riots and then to looting wherever this was possible