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Free read Mars by Fritz Zorn í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Homme ui observe avec simplicité u'on l'a éduué à mort le cancer n'est ue l'issue naturelle d'un étouffement systématiue de sa dynamiue individuelle Ce constat cliniue glacial sans être hermétiue à l'humour Zorn le livre dans sa version brute pour ue son lecteur comprenne Mars est un témoignage sans précédent la mise en accusation d'un système ui sacrifie ses enfants Lenaïc Gravis et Jocelyn Bléri. When you read this book you ll thank your god that you got the family dysfunctions you did and not Fritz Zorn s Gives superb insight into how French Calvinist culture makes little room for being imperfectthus enjoying life

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Free read Mars by Fritz Zorn í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ssibilité devant les réalités concrètes donc vulgaires du monde tient lieu d'obligation morale Zorn a toujours été un hors la vie Propre sage et faisant honneur à sa famille fleuron de la grande bourgeoisie zurichoise il n'a jamais fait de vagues s'est conformé a emprunté docilement la voie u'on lui avait tracé a écouté la voix ui l'incitait à se méfier du monde extérieur et de ses vices Pour cet. A human being becomes possessed by anger and anger forces them to write a book This is the book that anger wrote fail to notice this as you read it and no matter how much you manage to otherwise forgive the world you will always feel angry at Zorn s God who is no other being than himself the one he believes gave him cancer though he never uite manages to put this idea into writing or perhaps even realises it for himself When you read this book you put yourself in direct communion with anger Not just as it manifests itself in Fritz Angst the name that Zorn hid from himself but as it manifests itself in the world and in yourself When you read Mars you are reading the voice of your own soul but only the parts of it that generate hatred These fragments of yourself do not state their reasoning clearly because anger demands urgency Instead they run in circles and in doing so they conceive these often fractured notions of causality that cast visions of evil in places it may not belong and then doom themselves to visit these places repeatedly no matter how many times they attempt to avoid them by avoiding evil in generalTo give your angry soul so lucid a voice as it receives in Mars is to enable yourself to correct its errors A good reading of Mars will make you angry only at Zorn a personification of Mars the god of war himself This outcome would be a good reading because virtuous anger is angry at nothing but anger itself that is to say virtuous Mars is Martian at nothing but Mars himself Zorn does not achieve anger virtue he is angry at God for giving him cancer and yet he does not realise that elsewhere in his fractured vision of causality he has stated his belief that HE is the one that gave himself cancer by allowing himself to fall far into the depths of psychic loneliness Thus he hates himself without knowing it and so provides for us a target for all those parts of us that are both virtuous and Martian55

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Free read Mars by Fritz Zorn í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Sous le pseudonyme de Fritz Zorn se cache un jeune homme pressé Jeune  il n'a ue 32 ans  et pressé d'écrire car il se sait condamné par un cancer ui ne lui laissera aucune chance Pour ui a vécu la seule pensée d'une mort imminente fait jaillir le suelette branlant d'une angoisse incompressible et dévorante Fritz Zorn est à peine révolté il n'a jamais vécu Produit d'une éducation pour lauelle l'impa. This is my all time favorite book a classic in France but somehow it is virtually unknown in the English speaking world Maybe the English translation from Swiss German isn t good I wouldn t knowThe opening paragraph says I am young rich and well educated and I am unhappy neurotic and lonely I come from one of the best families from the Right Bank of the Zurich lake also known as the Golden Bank I have had a bourgeois education and all my life I have been well behaved My family is passably degenerate which is why I have without a doubt a heavy heredity and am damaged by my social environment Naturally I also got cancer which goes without saying if one considers everything I have just saidmy translation from the French translationThis book isn t a work of fiction but a sort of memoir recounting the story of someone who has been educated to death and who posits that by refusing to rebel against his upbringing he somehow deserves the fate he encounters a growing tumor on the neck that metastases into a widespread cancer of the body and becomes a gigantic metaphor of the damage caused by the pettiness of bourgeois values and idealsThe story in itself is incredibly sad one of the subplot being the state of virginity of the writer who doesn t even have any sexual urge and dies a virgin but because the style is incredibly elegant and funny and the author cannot help but see the irony of his situation this becomes one of the most brilliant examples of dark humor in literature ever written If you like Thomas Bernhard this is the writer for youFor years I had wanted to believe this autobiography to be a hoax but thanks to the magic of the internet I ve learned that it was indeed the true story of one Fritz Angst his real name which predetermined his fate so to speak who assumed the slightly altered pseudonym of Fritz Zorn anger in German I have read this book numerous times and think this is one of the all time best autobiography ever published with The Education of Henry Adams maybe I hope it will be reprinted one day in English and maybe translated again if indeed the original translation didn t do justice If you can lay your hand on a used copy somewhere please read it