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  • Paperback
  • 160
  • Feral by T.B. Schmid
  • T.B. Schmid
  • English
  • 27 October 2020
  • 9781505412017

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characters ☆ Feral by T.B. Schmid 100 Ometimes the legends are real A well traveled resourceful warrior leads a formidable sorceress with a dark conflicted past through a remote wilderness he once called home When they run afoul of a dangerously unstable patrol commander as a brutal winter storm closes in they find themselves trappe. I received this book in a Goodreads Giveaway This is a wonderful start to the Ruine series Very interesting world in this story with much to come A good blend of swords and sorcery only the warrior isn t fighting the sorcerer They are both fighting the evil spirit that lives in the mountains This was a taut well written story and I am anxious to read

characters Feral by T.B. SchmidFeral by T.B. Schmid

characters ☆ Feral by T.B. Schmid 100 Sometimes tales flow down from the mountain peaks like the snow fed streams that bleed down their bony flanks Strange beasts Stranger men Stories spun in the glow of highlander watch fires to pass the time swell and strengthen every retelling a new tributary until the tale becomes a legend But s. Goodreads Win CopyFeral takes you on an adventure in the Ruine where horror and fantasy are intertwined together This is a journey of one woman who contains a deadly beast as she struggles to survive in the world It is her tale of survival and the man she falls for her but ends up killingThis is a uick read that moves along at a steady pace but left me a bit unsatisfied plot wise

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characters ☆ Feral by T.B. Schmid 100 D between their pursuer and something far sinister 'Feral' is a gripping tale of horror and suspense set in the epic fantasy world of Ruine Its rich diverse characters are caught up in a storm of swords sorcery madnessand an ancient evil that even the hard bitten mountain clans fear above all el. GoodReads WinIt was about 154 pages I really enjoyed the concept of the book It was a twisted adventure in a snowy land where a man turns into a supernatural cannibal in order to save his soulmate from possible rapists and definite racists Schmid throws a lot of the land s history into this book in short little paragraphs By the end of the book I felt almost angry because in my head I was writing to the story I think he could take this book and definitely run with it Make it three or four times longer really take the time to flesh out the lore and it could be a huge hit but he needs to take that time It s definitely not suitable for kids don t let the brevity of the novella fool you however it s also not going to challenge you intellectually