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  • Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1
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  • 03 May 2019
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Summary Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Stella Hart Ü 0 review Free read Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1 Enter the dark scandalous world of America’s elite and discover their sinful secrets twisted lies and dirty desires I’ve watched her from afar and now it’s time for me to claim my prize Tatum Marris the girl I bought My newest and prettiest toy She will serve me Cater to my every wicked whim Sate m. Stupid bullshit bookI read the preuel of this book which was very bad still I read this book Blame my curiosityDisgustingRoden university is some high class university where there is a secret society of rich guys who does some bad stuff like degrading women The H is obviously part of it The h is some stupid idiotic creature who gets accepted in that university The H is already behaving rude with her But in actual he is waiting to kidnap and degrade her and make her his slave There s a mystery behind this as to why the h is selected as the H s slave She unknowingly did something or god knows what to the HThis book is a big dnf so I don t know whyWhat I hated most was that the h goes to one of there wild party to expose them and she gets caught I hate such overly smart idiot stupid heroine Even before getting kidnapped she is lusting after the H and already wants to submit to him Well her wish is granted in millions I would have read this book even after the bullshit secret society stuff but the h should have been strong and smart But when the hs behave stupid and horny then the books becomes trashy I absolutely HATE such heroinesThis crap shit fest is not my type of read

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Summary Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Stella Hart Ü 0 review Free read Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1 S she belongs with me She knows she deserves to be punished Caged Owned Tatum Marris you’re now the property of Elias King Note This novel contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers Heartless Prince is the first book in the Dark Dynasty trilogy The story continues in Vicious King. Secret societyelite privilege playground fraternities We ve all heard of them some by refined names while others in creepy headline news But have you ever wondered what the wealthy entitled upper crust emerging society members do at the do not ask and do not tell events Lets just say I could feel the erotic rhythmic beating drums hear the dark sinister chants My heart hammered wildly in my chest as I was as much a captive as Tatum Marris The suspense and mind fuckery exploded with every printed word Stella Hart went above and beyond capturing their allure encompassing their enigma and mysticism In all truth I have been on a reading marathon This series was too good to read one book and then hunt down pictures for the collage and teasers and then write up a hasty review just so I could move on to the next Ooooooh hell no Like a true gluttonousI started with Wild Elite A Dark Captive Romance Dark Dynasty Preuel and eviscerated the pages one page at a time Blowing through the series like a starved bookworm seeing a banuet for the first time All three books were a straight up five star reads This was my introduction to Stella Hart and I damn sure wish I could give her stars because she s earned thembut noooooo I can t Any than I can get my greedy little hands on Twisted Empire until February 13th 2019man that just sucks Yeah listen closely I m throwing a big humongous fit You know rolling around on the floor pounding my fists into the carpeted flooring as I m kick my feet uncontrollably If you love dark romance like I dosuspense lies deception backstabbing villains rock solid story line with blurred realism then I highlyhighly recommend

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Summary Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Stella Hart Ü 0 review Free read Heartless Prince Dark Dynasty #1 Y desire for complete control I’ll own her pleasure and one day she’s going to beg for She keeps pretending she's pure and innocent but that isn’t true I know her darkest secrets and one way or another I’ll make her confess every last sin I’ll make her fear me Make her submit Deep down she know. 45 starsReview headline Not Your Mama s Dark RomanceThis is the first book of a series and it ends in a cliffhangeris not a standalone so be prepared to be hung There is a currently free preuel Wild Elite that is recommended to have read before reading this book While some of what happens in the preuel is rehashed in this first full book of the series I did find it useful to have the extra background info as I dove into this oneWhere to start well first of all I am growing weary of the young billionaire hot guy with BDSM fetish a la 50 Shades cropping up left right and sideways in contemporary romance novels so let me assure you this is not that at all thankfully Yes Elias our male main character is rich and hot but he is involved in a secret effed up society called Crown and Dagger where they are masters over young women virgins who have sold themselves to the society to pay off theirs and their parents debts Tatum female main is a 19 year old freshman at the school that the Crown and Dagger recruits heavily from and she is shocked to learn that she has been on the society s radar and pegged as one of the newest slave specifically assigned to Elias While there are hints that something terrible and scandalous occurred prior to where the preuel begins the reader is not clued into the specifics until well into book one What happened that made Elias hate Tatum and how did she end up in this nightmarish worldThere is a lot to this story than meets the eye and just when the reader believes heshe know where things are headed another curve ball is thrown into the mix I like Tatum s indomitable spirit and that Elias is not as evil as he may seem though at times he is pretty devious On the edge of my seat waiting for part 2Please be aware this is a DARK romance involving dubious consent and some seriously effed up entitled a hole white dudes If you do not like this kind of thing do not readPlot 455Main Characters 455Supporting Cast 45Steam Level 255 slow burn in this one but lots of chemistryPOV Dual but decidedly from Tatum s perspectiveViolence BDSM related for the most part some weird society initiation activitiesLanguage not egregious given the circumstancesI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review