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  • 20 October 2020
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Mommy Tracked Download ã 104 Divorced restaurant critic Anna has too much on her plate to reenter the frightening world of dating no matter how expertly her new admirer wines and dines herGrace has three beautiful daughters and the perfect husband yet she’s increasingly obsessed with one nagging flaw her excess baby weight Ambitious Juliet is desperate to make partner at her law firm Fortunately her husband stays home with their twins. I adored this book Don t uite understand the low ratings I have seen for this one It was fantastic to read about characters close to my own age who were flawed but easy to love It was fantastic I loved the way the story was told from each friend s perspective I loved the relationships with their Husbands as well Marriage is not perfect rarely and this story showed that side of it I loved this book and will be reading from Whitney

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Mommy Tracked Download ã 104 Praised for her “smart funny sexy and refreshingly real” novels author Whitney Gaskell delivers a warm witty and wise new story of four women coping with the challenges of motherhood men and each otherFor Anna Grace Juliet and Chloe the idyllic town of Orange Cove Florida is homebut even in paradise balancing the challenges of motherhood and life is never easyWith a son in the throes of the Terrible Twos. This is the story of four women coping with work babies men friendships pregnancy and a variety of other obsessions and compulsions The women first get to know one another at a sex toy party sponsored by their mommies group Mothers Coming Together MCT The problems presented are real most women will be able to relate to one or of the characters but the solutions are unrealistic and overly simpleExampleHusband I am tired of being a stay at home father You work too much and never spend time with our twins I am leavingWife Then I will turn down the partnership I was just offered at my law firm In fact I will just uit my jobHusband Perfect Then I can get a part time job as a firefighterExample 2Husband Why are you being arrestedWife I shoplifted a bracelet I do that a lot because you golf too muchHusband Maybe if I stop golfing so much and we talk about our problems you won t feel inclined to steal bracelets from SaksWife That is a great idea honey I love you

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Mommy Tracked Download ã 104 But at the office Juliet is finding than work to occupy her timeWhen newest mom Chloe gives birth her husband seems indifferent to parenting their son Chloe is so overwhelmed that she finds herself slipping into a nasty habit she thought she’d overcomeFilled with humor charm and richly developed characters Mommy Tracked illuminates four friends’ intertwining lives and their joys and mistakes along the way. Halfway through this book I came to terms with the fact that there was no and never would be a plot The story was meant to be character driven however the characters were well below the speed limit As far as chick lit is concerned it s fine It was an easy read and left readers with the idea that books could not produce any troubling ideas than that of dating while having a small child Well enough written and read to pass the time sufficiently however not well enough to be considered uite worth that time