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  • Paperback
  • 234
  • The Irresistible Novel
  • Jeff Gerke
  • English
  • 08 January 2020
  • 9781599638256

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The Irresistible Novel Read  100 Alled rules and instead provides you with a singular goal You must engage your readers from beginning to end Filled with down to earth discussions on the various debates of writing as well as innovative research on neuroscience and reader response this book shows you how toNavigate the various debates on writing fiction showing versus telling purple prose outlining writing description and to dec. Here s a uniue guide to help you home in on your fiction voice What are your favorite books And why How do the authors of these books introduce their characters What point of view do they use Do they start with a bang By answering these and other uestions posed by Jeff Gerke you discover what kind of writer you want to be based on what you love as a readerAnother brilliant aspect of this book is Gerke s explanation of how to hack your reader s brain for emotional connection through the use of a brain chemistry story map Huh Trust me this is good stuffThrow in Jung s twelve archetypes for character traits Joseph Campbell s hero s journey for character development and Artistotle s art of persuasion to hook a reader and you ve got some powerful tools for your writer s toolboxThe bulk of the book is a run down of the paralyzing rules of fiction from prologues to adverbs to show versus tell to Leonard El s advice Gerke shares the opinions of those for those against and then sums it up with his own ideas Absorb it all and you can form your own set of rulesIt s well worth adding this gem to your fiction writing collection

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The Irresistible Novel Read  100 Discover Your Voice and Enthrall ReadersThe craft of writing is filled with various debates Should I include a prologue Should I delete all adverbs from my manuscript Just how much backstory if any can I include in my story These uestions and their often contradictory answers can cause confusion frustration and even paralysis in the writer The Irresistible Novel frees you from the limits of so c. I put five stars on but four stars here on Goodreads because the star system is slightly different I really liked it but I m not sure I can go all the way to It was amazing personallyOverall this is a fantastic resource particularly for the writer who is stuck in the paralyzing stage of trying to obey all the rules There are three portions to the book which are sort of uniue from each otherPART ONE goes through various writing rules chapter by chapter and gives the for and against for each one and a small manifesto for you to fill out at the end proclaiming your stance opinions which you are given permission to change however and whenever you want The first several chapters were very refreshing and satisfying and it was wonderful to stake out where I stood on the rules and forget about the alternate view As this portion went on though I found myself skimming a bita lot of the rules discussed were little things I didn t care about or had settled in my mind a long time ago I felt like this section could have been covered in just a few chapters and then a big you get the idea but there are probably some writers who can really benefit from those chapters tooPART TWO is short and talks about brain chemistry and why certain kinds of stories are likely to delight readers and create a connection with them Again I felt like it could have been summed up uickly but it wasn t too technical which made it approachable and easy to understandPART THREE is in my opinion the real meat of the book having gone through the rules and encouraged you to toss the rulebook Gerke uses Part 3 to explore some very classic formulas archetypes and such that are found in classic popular and beloved fiction Readers connect with these things so if your book contains them it may be compelling as well These are not rules but rather helpful aides to making your reader fall in love with your book if you use them Personally I was uite excited to discover that my own work in progress contained most if not all of the monomyth hero s journey elements That section was a thrill to readvery encouragingIn summary there is a LOT of good information here and it is not only actionable but exciting to learn I felt it could be shorter in places and once in awhile I was amused to see Gerke suggesting what appear to be rules himselfbut I imagine he d probably be the first to point out that they re only guidelines and free to be broken As he teaches in the book the first and most important thing is to hook your reader from beginning to end And The Irresistible Novel is a great resource to help you do that

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The Irresistible Novel Read  100 Ide what kind of novelist you want to beHack your reader's brain to hook her interest and trigger emotional engagement from the very first pageIncorporate enduring elements of storytelling from masters like Joseph Campbell Aristotle and Carl JungReaders want to be swept away by your stories When you eschew the rules and focus on your readers' desires you're free to write truly irresistible ficti. I m thankful for this book because it helped me see both sides of the argument for many many writing rules and decide which way I leaned towards oftenThis book is not about writing thought provoking art by the way It s about writing a book that will engage readers but first and foremost engaging yourself in your own story as its first reader and discovering your writing voice a little betterI highly recommend it to writers who want to see both sides of the argument for many things they ve heard were rules but weren t sure about and to writers who want to find out for themselves what they want to write