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read & download Archeofuturism Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download free download ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Guillaume Faye An analysis of the continuing damage being done by Western liberalism political inertia unrestrained immigration and ethnic self hatred; and the need to abandon past positions and dare to face the realities of the present in order to realise the ideology of the future He prophesises a series of catastrophes between 2010 and 2020 brought about by the unsustainability of the present world order which he asserts will offer an opportunity to rebuild the West and put Archeofuturism into practice on a grand scale This book is a must read for anyone concerned with the course that the Right must chart in or. 12 still bound to the democratic republican participatory paradigm

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read & download Archeofuturism Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download free download ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Guillaume Faye Archeofuturism an important work in the tradition of the European New Right is finally now available in English Challenging many assumptions held by the Right this book generated much debate when it was first published in French in 1998 Faye believes that the future of the Right reuires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past and those who are calling for new social and technological forms creating a synthesis which will amplify the strengths and restrain the excesses of both Archeofuturism Faye also provides a critiue of the New Right;. This is a flawed work a deeply flawed work and in some respects a disgraceful one but flawed and disgraceful works have a habit of becoming historically significant despite or even because of their very flaws if their approach or honesty is not matched by staid and respectable writers of the day So it may well prove with this book Faye relishes provocation Faye used to be a member of GRECE the flagship organization of the French New Right The core of Faye s critiue of GRECE today is a major argument in this book and those unfamiliar with the ideologicalhistorical background may be bewildered It is a paradox and one about which Faye is aware in his book that the European New Right in general has failed to make an impact at the very time that the march of events might have been expected to play into its hands the end of the cold war the decline of political Manicheanism East versus West the decline of nationalism as a relevant political alternative to liberalism It is as a counter to this and other failings that Faye wrote his ArcheofuturismArcheofuturism and probably like all his books the only other book by Faye which I have read is Nouvel discours la nation europ enne which has not been translated suffers from coming from the pen of a man at home before a gathering than a keyboard It is unbalanced and paradoxically given the content in some respects extremely provincial and theoretical in its approach and design At the same time it owes nothing to the respectability and detachment from reality which can make cowards of many writers This is not to say that the book lacks structure It has a very definite if unorthodox structure It consists of three theses as Faye calls them 1 the end of civilization as we know it owing to what Faye calls a convergence of catastrophes 2 the necessity for revolution notably in the European mindset 3 propositions for the post catastrophic world and the title of his book expresses the essence of Faye s solution An imbalance in this book consists in the importance which Faye attaches to a number of issues which are of ephemeral interest and which do not bring us to the core of the issues which Faye seeks to discuss Many of the ideologically dissident statements are astonishingly provincial that is to say caught up with French internal issues which are already out of date and even at the time would not have greatly interested many people outside France This book is nothing if not pessimistic albeit out of disaster emerges the new and better world this is a core believe of a man who is happy to call himself a revolutionary and a Nietzschean less a clash of civilisations although he seems to write at times in a similar vein to Huntingdon with his view of Islam especially as a challenge in itself to the hegemony of European civilization than what he terms a convergence of catastrophes Like Huntingdon Faye regards Islam as a single cultural religious political bloc with a an expansionist will There is no mention at all in this book of the internal divisions among different Mohammedan nations for Faye there exists just one Islamic bloc determined to destroy the European Whatever Faye s strengths nobody will claim that subtlety is one of them To be politically relevant one had to look forward and not back and to adapt to radically changed circumstances GRECE stressed from the beginning the importance of what it called the right to be different arguing less in terms of European superiority than in terms of European uniueness Europe s right to the nurture of its own identity and destiny The great enemy was seen not so much as military or political threats as such as the forces which sought to attenuate reduce trivialise and ultimately abolish differences The great enemy in this respect was neither Islam nor communism but the American way of Life the manifest destiny to reduce all peoples to consumers whose sole struggles were ones of economic competition There is a problem with any non specific assertion of superiority Superiority can only be understood within a frame of reference It is meaningless for example to claim that a frog is superior in general to a toad but not meaningless at all to claim that a frog is superior to a toad as a swimmer While egalitarians and their opponents may uarrel over whether or not one can be superior to another they are uick to forget the eually important and essential uestion superior in what respect The multi pluralism of much writing and speeches given by members of GRECE and their supporters in the 1980 s rightly noted an ambiguity in the word without pursuing adeuately the obvious point that superiority of one culture to another makes abundant sense when the terms of reference are properly explained That European civilization has been superior in terms of transport to other cultures to take one simple example is hardly subject to debate Faye spends no time in fleshing out his arguments about superiority and in what respects the European is superior This is a pity because it would provide the book with a stabilising effect As it is Faye assures us that he believes the European is superior and rushes on the next point Rights to be different are likely to conflict with the rights of others to be different The right to conflict is therefore the right to survival of identity and it is Faye s point that such a right can only be preserved by those who actively engage in the politics Faye stresses that GRECE and he willingly includes himself here ignored the reality of the Islamic threat and that ethnopluralism paved the way for an inactive head in the sand response to the long term significance of massive Mohammedan immigration into Europe Like in the Middle Ages or Antiuity the future reuires us to envisage the Earth as structured in vast uasi imperial unity in mutual conflict or cooperation p77 Seen in this light Faye s admiration for atomic power implied in this work and explicitly indicated elsewhere dramatically in his comic book notre avant guerre where he gleefully depicts a degenerate Europe being destroyed in mushroom clouds and futuristic technology in general is the ghost in the machine of Faye s project However unlike most modernisers Faye does not duck the dilemma of reconciling a world of modern technology with a world of tradition be it racial political or other Faye s solution is what he calls archeofuturism the title of his book and the project to which he believes European revolutionaries and Faye believes we must be revolutionaries to save European civilization and not conservatives the assimilation of the future with the past building a future not as modern or post modern but archeo modern a modernism acutely aware of and with its roots in a deep and profound past There will be a small elite of rulers with access to the highest forms of modern technology while the majority of less gifted will make do with crude forms of technical accomplishment a completely two tier society in fact This seems difficult to reconcile with Faye s expressed support for populist initiatives Faye cites the unlikely figure of Peter Mandelson as an archeofuturist without knowing it as someone who has recognised that democracy as we know it from the Mother of Parliaments is tired and no longer able to cope with the challenges which European man and indeed humankind is facing Faye s examination of the real issues behind the palaver of most contemporary politicians is refreshing Here is a taste The new societies of the future will finally abolish the aberrant egalitarian mechanism we have now whereby everyone aspires to become an officer or a cadre or a diplomat even though all evidence suggests that most people do not have the skills to fulfil those roles This model engenders widespread frustration failure and resentment In respect of nationalism Faye has remained true to the original position of GRECE he rejects nationalism in favour of a grand imperial project We are according to Faye living in revolutionary times and revolutionary times call for a new direction and a new beginning This reviewer would add that nations have their term of life there is a time when they are born and a time when they disappear National division in face of the crises of our times is a fatal return to the past according to Faye Europe must be transformed from within to withstand the challenge of the South Another conflict or contradiction which Faye examines is that which he sees as inherent in the notions of growth and progress Growth and progress lie at the heart of every liberal and left leaning project They are essential to capitalism but they were never rejected by communism uite the contrary Faye sketches a scenario of extreme pessimism to justify his view of a forthcoming two tier world of technocratically advanced and traditional societies The post catastrophic world will be one Faye believes divided between the futuristic achievements of an elite and the archaic conditions and status of the majority it will be archeofuturistic Before we examine this idea closely it is worth taking a moment to consider the notions of growth and progress which Faye dismisses as overhauled H Faye fails to distinguish between growth and progress but because they are different they reuire a different approach Growth is an organic facet of nature Progress is a description of a dynamic relation with departure and end as necessary points of reference Modern liberal society speaks of both without a frame of reference that is to say growth and progress without respectively end or aim Growth is an organic process which one would expect to proceed according to natural laws and which will or should cease w hen its natural course has reached its alloted end In nature organisms grow to predefined lengths and uantities Growth which is not part of the natural code abnormal growth that is to say is usually dangerous and may be fatal Cancer is an obvious example The very idea that growth should be stimulated or promoted should be regarded with the deepest suspicion since it is likely to be the reference to a project which is in the deepest way possible unnatural The underlying assumption of capitalist and communist societies of the desirability of growth without end as good for and in itself is uintessentially pathological Progress unlike growth contains the connotation of volition It refers necessarily if the word is to have any meaning to a specific end It is usual to regard radicals as progressive and conservatives as sceptical The argument is that radicals supposedly believe that progress continues ad infinitum whereas conservatives insist that you cannot change human nature Dismissing progress is absurd just as accepting it is so long as Progress is presented as an abstract The uestion must always be posed progress to what Progress without a destination is meaningless because progress itself can only be measured in relation to a point of departure and a point of arrival Leaving aside my regret that Faye does not distinguish between growth and progress there is much to be said for his argument that the rewards of progressgrowth are not at all what they seem Again and this is characteristic of the entire book it is much less Faye s understanding or analysis as his ability to highlight the importance of certain issues at stake which constitute the essential value of Archeofuturism The issue which Faye focusses on here and which modern politicians deftly avoid is who is making an audit of the costs of the sacrifice to growth and progress Who has made a balance sheet so to speak of the profit and loss And Faye is contemptuous of those who argue that progress is inevitable I am Nitezschean Faye notes in response to this meaning that life is shaped by those with the will and energy and faith to shape it This reminds me of AK Chesterton s remark in his work The New Unhappy Lords that he hates no word in the English language than the word inevitable Faye s rejection of what he calls the paradigm of economic development is simple An intellectual revolution is taking place people are starting to perceive without daring to openly state it that the old paradigm according to which the life of humanity on both an individual and collective level is getting better and better every day thanks to science the spread of democracy and egalitarian emancipation is uite simply false Today the perverse effects of mass technology are starting to make themselves felt new resistant viruses the contamination of industrially produced food shortage of land and a downturn in world agricultural production rapid and widespread environmental degradation the development of weapons of mass destruction in addition to the atomic bomb not to mention that technology is entering its Baroue age pp 162163 The last comment excepted which is pure Spengler this writing must strike the impartial reader as familiar It is a fairly good example of the pessimism of environmentalist writers in general and it has been said many times before Faye contemptuously dismisses the French Green movement in these words the political platform of the Green movement contain no real environmentalist suggestions such as the transport of lorries by train instead of on highways the creation of non polluting cars electric cars LPG etc or the fight against urban sprawl into natural habitats liuid manure leaks ground water contamination the depletion of European fish stocks chemical food additives the overuse of insecticides and pesticides etc Each time I have tried to bring these specific and concrete issues up with a representative of the Greens I got the impression that he was not really interested in them or that he had not really studied them p 145 It is not clear possibly a fault of the translator s whether Faye is referring to one or several spokesmen It is not my experience at all that environmentalists are not interested in these issues A cursory review of the activities and commitments of environmentalists tells another story Faye s statement that the French Greens have no real whatever he may mean by real environmental intentions is in the same biased and arrogant vein It is Faye s own environmentalist bona fides than those of the French Green party which I suspect might benefit from sceptical scrutiny His attack on the environmentalist movement is hypocritical and mendacious Faye claims to deplore ecological degradation and predicts imminent ecological collapse but the reader may be forgiven for doubting the writer s sincerity This cynical combination of doom mongering and a refusal to either see or create efforts to prevent catastrophe amount to a gleeful anticipation of catastrophe There is no uestion that that is exactly what the book looks forward to This is the classic ploy of Marxism and if Faye is a Nietszchean as he says he is he is also a Leninist He hints in this book and elsewhere at the manipulation of useful idiots including those who are pro European for pacifistic reasons Faye s environmentalism is indeed problematical because it can be seen here and strongly elsewhere in his writings and speeches that Guillaume Faye is an admirer of nuclear power Faye darkly refers to a confession made to him by Brice Lalonde of the French Green Party who discretely informed me rather indiscretely where Faye is concerned the book contains several private remarks of this kind made to Guillaume Faye in the course of a convivial lunch or drink that the true target of the greens is nuclear energy p145 It is not clear whether Lalonde is supposed to be implying that this target is the only target of the greens It is true that nuclear energy does draw an arguably disproportionate amount of political effort by Green activists and is one subject which seems to unite Greens everywhere Conservative critics of environmentalism freuently point out that the Green opposition to nuclear energy is illogical or hypocritical because the alternatives are supposed to be worse Faye does exactly that The fight against nuclear plants thus goes against environmentalism The Greens are voicing few protests against the black sea of petrol and the carbon dioxide emissions by which we are engulfed but go off as soon as the slightest nuclear incident occurs pp 145146 Does Faye expect his readers to believe this Does he believe it himself Unsurprisingly Faye omits mention of the reason for Green ire against nuclear power firstly the relation of nuclear energy to nuclear weapons and secondly the permanence of nuclear contamination Other forms of energy may cause pollution and desolation today Nuclear contamination does so for hundreds of thousands of years It is not one of the least of ironies that the manner of Faye s writing and his approach to issues is typical of the movement from which he has broken away The crowning ability of both Guillaume Faye and Alain de Benoist which makes both of them always worth readable always likely to surprise and provoke is their ability to look at an issue from a fresh perspective and strike at the roots of apparently historical spontaneous or innocent proposals Faye begins this work with a sharp critiue of GRECE for being too theoretical but in what sense is Faye himself not theoretical His Archeofuturism is a fantasy and a proposal There is nothing in this book which could not have been written perhaps should have been written by a member of GRECE today Like GRECE too Faye shies away from one of the most critical issues facing anyone on the radical right namely the Jews Are they friend or foe or neither It has been noted that GRECE s hectic anti Americanism was in some ways the only permitted alternative and was indeed a code for anti semitism Faye has moved away from GRECE on two issues which could be expected to bring him closer to Jews and even Zionism one is his toning down of anti Americanism and the second is his extreme hostility indeed his setting as a priority and nec plus ultra of European survival the defeat of Islam It should come as no great surprise that Faye subseuently after this book was published aligned himself with Zionist groups Faye presents the reader with many of the truly important issues of our time It is for another to provide not so much answers as a response Perhaps someone much younger than either Faye or this reviewer will read this book and know that they are able to provide that response In that case this book will have shown itself to be of the past and the future in a word archeofuturistic

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read & download Archeofuturism Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download free download ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Guillaume Faye Der to deal with the increasing crises and challenges it will face in the coming decades Guillaume Faye was one of the principal members of the famed French New Right organisation GRECE in the 1970s and '80s After departing in 1986 due to his disagreement with its strategy he had a successful career on French television and radio before returning to the stage of political philosophy as a powerful alternative voice with the publication of Archeofuturism Since then he has continued to challenge the status uo within the Right in his writings earning him both the admiration and disdain of his colleagues. Faye s vision of the future is an incredibly fresh reimagining of mid 20th century pan European ideas from a right wing perspective His critiue of his compatriots of GRECE and FN is delivered with some measure of acrimony but an acute sense of necessity Faye s moral structure and cultural relativism are a distinct low point of the overall idea he delivers in the text but he is also keenly self aware of his own ideas and ideological attachments which robs critics of the opportunity to accuse him of any sort of pretensions As with most Arktos translations the piece is thoroughly readable and engaging albeit in terms of content somewhat fantastical in its expectations and desires Perhaps its greatest strength is the clear recognition of the danger posed by Islam coupled with the clear import of Christianity to European culture something which seems lost on the greater part of the French New Right This is not to say Faye has any sort of developed sense of Christian morality or theology but rather that he has hung close to Charles Maurras not perfect but good enough for a modernist alliance with Christianity as an indispensable part of all European right wing politics He could benefit from a parallel reading with Hilaire Belloc

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    PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] First although this book is far from perfect it is certainly an important revolutionary work Faye looks to the future of Europe while analyzing what led to failure in the past Faye is also symbiotic of our times openly admitting in the book that he has acted in pornographic films and indulged in hard drugs That being said Faye certainly understands the epidemic diseases that are polluting the Occidental work

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    PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] This is a flawed work a deeply flawed work and in some respects a disgraceful one but flawed and disgraceful works have a h

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    PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] 12 still bound to the democratic republican participatory paradigm

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    free download ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Guillaume Faye PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download The first half is a diagnosis of Enlightenment thinking The author manages to say nothing that hasn't already been said better by other 20th century philosophers and makes a particularly heinous misreading of Nietzsche's concept of eternal return I managed to grit my and read on until the fourth chapter but decided to abandon thereafter as Faye indulges in the most base right wing arguments against positive d

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    PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download read & download Archeofuturism Faye's vision of the future is an incredibly fresh reimagining of mid 20th century pan European ideas from a right wing perspective His critiue of his compatriots of GRECE and FN is delivered with some measure of acrimony

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    read & download Archeofuturism Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] A mixed bag of nonsense and a few good and interesting ideas

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    free download ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Guillaume Faye PDF FREE [Archeofuturism] Guillaume Faye ê 3 read & download What if?This uestion is the premise on which the uncompromising and sharp toned Guillaume formulates his thesis

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