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Read & Download Divorce Decree Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ess to learn and work hard so as to reap the rewards In the end it paid off or so he believed Stephanie should have been happy And after all they went through together the scares dares jobs babies successes failures lovers separations and second chances why isn’t she content What will it. Always working hard to make ends meet Jake Adams was determined to have enough money behind him before he asked Stephanie to be his wife He wanted to give her only the best before they married and had children So when they finally married he knew they should both be happy But Stephanie had no restraint on her spending the phone bills were over the top clothes she didn t need found their way into the wardrobe shoes he was sure she d never wear Why wasn t she content with the life he was giving herThe two children first little Jake then Christine had Jake over the moon He loved those kids But Stephanie moaned about all the work she had to do he was gone all day never saw the naughty side of the children Begrudgingly Jake agreed to a nanny Stephanie still wasn t happy What was it going to take And was she hiding things from him Jake was suspicious but tried to hold his temper Meanwhile they moved further and further apart what was happening Divorce Decree is author Nesly Clerge s latest offering an emotional roller coaster with main characters that were not at all likeable Jake was a controlling bully especially at the beginning of the novel while Stephanie turned into a manipulative and hard core witch To my mind Jake showed his colours early so why on earth did Stephanie marry him She should have been off like a rocket It was a marriage destined for disaster and boy did it happen I enjoyed the brief appearance of Frederick Starks from The Starks Trilogy too RecommendedWith thanks to the author for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review

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Read & Download Divorce Decree Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook TILL DEATH DO US PART When Jake Adams uttered those words to his wife Stephanie he had an entirely different intention in mind Industrious determined dedicated devoted to his wife and children he plans to give her and them the world What Jake lacked in education he made up for with willingn. I always love reading Nesly Clerge s thrilling books and Divorce Decree is no exception Both a deep and a harrowing tale of a marriage gone bad and the psychological downfall of a couple in crisis this book is hauntingly not unlike real life We ve all seen those headline tales of feuding families on the edge We ve all watched an episode of Dr Phil or some chaotic soap opera and said to ourselves I could never be that bad Think again These characters feel just as real as living human beings and they could be anybody That s what makes this story so effectiveJake and Stephanie live very opposite life codes Jake yearns for a successful future whereas Stephanie is much less grounded in stability While at first I didn t like either of them Jake definitely won me over in the end Stephanie I m not sure where to begin with her She was a bit of a shrew Who I really felt sorry for in this whole thing were the kids Although I got the feeling throughout that Jake and Stephanie truly did care about their family the way they use them to get back at each other was very mean Hopefully this book might be a wake up call to any reader who s ever done this themselves to be careful about this type of thing Divorce Decree is built up strongly with a variety of side characters as well characters who all have their own input to give on the relationship Best of all there are some characters slipped in from some of Nesly s earlier works and if you ve ever read any of them yourself you ll recognize them They blend well into Divorce Decree giving the book its own personal signature I really enjoyed reading it While it was uite a downward spiral through a very stressed and hectic marriage there are also some glimpses of love and companionship and even a bit of humor to keep a good balance between the drama and the characters If you love original and engaging stories Divorce Decree is a perfect choice

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Read & Download Divorce Decree Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Take What is it that she wants him to do As he struggles to discern truth from lies it becomes a matter of being dead wrong or dead right Find out who gets what’s deserved in this latest novel of emotional twists and turns by Nesly ClergeCOMING SOON November 24th 2018Pre order your copy n. The storyline was solid and kept me engaged as I found this one difficult to put down Good background information helped make the present situation understandable I liked the fact this story took me into the thought processes of Jake Stephanie giving both opinions on what they felt a relationship then marriage entailed While both offered valid points their totally opposite opinions kept them on different pages Jake appeared frugal as he attempted to build for their future while Stephanie s carefree attitude seemed to always cause a ruckus I admired Jake s determined spirit to become successful although it took some time some of Stephanie s actions made her a bit annoying The additional cast of character s input offered points of view that had me hoping would not be acted upon without careful consideration Certain struggles that couples face were well represented Overall I thought this was great read looking at both perspectives A previous book character s appearance connected well within the story Characters were relatable situations realistic An electronic copy was provided in exchange for an honest review