E–pub [As Good As New Something New #4] BY Jennifer Dawson

  • Paperback
  • 346
  • As Good As New Something New #4
  • Jennifer Dawson
  • English
  • 10 July 2020
  • 9781420140132

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read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Jennifer Dawson free read As Good As New Something New #4 100 Jennifer Dawson Ì 0 read & download N injury had ended Evan's NFL career The notorious bad boy was in a depression no one could penetrate except maybe the one woman who still knew him best and still wanted him most    Penelope is the last person Evan wants to witness the wreck he’s become So when she shows up at his door he’s less than welcoming even though the sight of her brings back the same old rush of desire As a teenager the emotions overwhelmed him Now when h. No way in hellSee

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As Good As New Something New #4

read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Jennifer Dawson free read As Good As New Something New #4 100 Jennifer Dawson Ì 0 read & download He was the high school hottie She was the teacher’s pet But in private none of that mattered   At the tender age of six Penelope Watkins fell for her best friend’s brother Evan Donovan future hunk By the time they were teenagers they were having heart to heartsand hot and heavy top secret make out sessions All that changed when Evan’s father suddenly died Abruptly Penelope lost him to grief and to his true love football But now a. Having really enjoyed all three previous books in this series it pains this NetGalley reviewer to admit this one felt off the mark Mainly because I had issues with the hero s past charactermoral compass and the heroine s judgment It was hard to feel sympathy for Evan who was with lots of other girls starting as a teen even while supposedly being in love and fooling around with the heroine Penelope in the family basement Yes you guessed it She became his dirty little secret You see Pen was a close family friend who was like an adopted family member She made the mistake of meeting Evan downstairs after the midnight hour for late night chatseventual make out sessions all while he was taking full advantage of the groupie cheerleaders who offered themselves up to him due to his high school football status They both kept uiet about it Yes she knew about his other girlfriends So shame on her as well I also didn t get how dearly belovedsoon departed dear old dad pulled Evan aside and lectured him about giving up Pen when he accidentally saw them together because his upcoming NFL career was going to lead to even random girls Where was a stern talking to about becoming a real man by respecting womennot using them and respecting himself enough not to continue to be a man whore At least an I expect better from you son speech was in order You would think this strong knit family would have wanted to instill their family values upon Evan If nothing else lecture him about unwanted pregnancies and STDs No he seemed to get a pass because he was destined to live the god like life of a football player on and off the field and all its inevitable entitlementsmoney and loose women Not surprisingly he dumps Pen after being her first and flauntsparades other women in front of her for years Again Dad thanks for nothing We are supposed to buy into his excuse he sincerely thought it was for her own good When he finally does make a permanent play for Pen she s supposed to be consoled by the fact he always thought of her while being intimate with countless supermodelsbimbos Oh isn t that sweetnot Even going so far as to tell her specifics about one of his multiple person sexcapades because he needed to get the guilt off his chest Yeah that playdecision didn t work out so well for him folksSo we along with his family and friends are supposed to feel sorry for him because he can no longer play football due to a concussion I say it was too bad he wasn t kicked in the groin instead my fellow romance book loving friends Maybe a blow to the family jewels would remind him of the concept of karma As much as I liked Pen s feistiness and determination not to be hurt by Evan again I found myself thinking she could have used a knock to her noggin a time or two to bring her to her senses as well Though she would often verbally put him in his place she was always too uick to forgive him because after all he was so hot and under her skin Being the good girl she is Pen does swallow her pridepain and tries to rescue Evan from himself since his family has been unsuccessful We learn he has always loved her partly because she wasn t attracted to him just because of his football skills But apparently not enough to give up his groupies huh Yes there was tons of angstlots of chemistryvery steamy scenesa hero who is honestly sincerely desperately redeeming himselfa family who doesn t even want them together due to his past pattern of behavior and self centerednesswhich they helped createa feisty heroine who becomes so insecure in her worry about the same notions she keeps pushing him awayThe ending result was a rather exhausting read without any significant dramatic events to push it along Here s to hoping you can forgive and forget better than this reviewer I m still holding a grudge against him and especially dear old dad I m glad Pen got her HEA though and the hero is no longer a player I have a feeling Shane Evan s older brother will make certain it stays that way Otherwise he won t have any ualms about using his fists not just words to protect PenTitle As Good as New Series Something New Book 4 Author Jennifer Dawson Pages 320 stand alone HEA feisty but insecure heroine hero was a player on and off the fieldBook 1 Take a Chance on Me 2414 Pages 352 Maddie MitchBook 2 The Winner Takes All 12214 Pages 368 Shane CeciliaBook 3 The Name of the Game 92915 Pages 352 Gracie JamesBook 4 As Good as New 32916 Pages 320 Penelope EvanThis review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and authorpublisher

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read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Jennifer Dawson free read As Good As New Something New #4 100 Jennifer Dawson Ì 0 read & download E wanted to be overwhelmed Penelope wasn’t playing She was telling the golden boy it was time to man up It may have taken a concussion for Evan to realize it but that’s exactly what he wants to do starting with her  Praise for Jennifer Dawson   “Witty repartee memorable secondary characters and powerful attraction skillfully handled will have readers eager for the next in the series” – Publishers Weekly on Take a Chance on M. What a disgusting pig for male MC Don t even want to think about itSelf note