[Pdf/E–book] The Less People Know About Us

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  • The Less People Know About Us
  • Axton Betz-Hamilton
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  • 08 December 2019
  • 9781538730287

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CHARACTERS The Less People Know About Us REVIEW Þ The Less People Know About Us Ntined behind the closed curtains in her childhood home She began starving herself at a young age in an effort to blend in her appearance could be nothing short of perfect or she would be scolded by her mother who had become paranoid and consumed by how others perceived the familyYears later her parents' marriage still shaken from the theft Axton discovered that she too had fallen prey to the identity thief but by the time she realized she was already thousands of dollars in debt and her credit was ruine. I heard about this book on Fresh Air and was super excited I thought it would be of a mystery but it s easy early on to figure out who the perpetrator is For how fascinating the story is it should be a engaging read but something about the writing or pacing was just off

CHARACTERS The Less People Know About Us

The Less People Know About Us

CHARACTERS The Less People Know About Us REVIEW Þ The Less People Know About Us Mily changed all of their personal information and moved to different addresses but the identity thief followed them wherever they went Convinced that the thief had to be someone they knew Axton and her parents completely cut off the outside world isolating themselves from friends and family Axton learned not to let anyone into the house without explicit permission and once went as far as chasing a plumber off their property with a knifeAs a result Axton spent her formative years crippled by anxiety uara. Let me warn you before you open this book DON T GET SPOILED Multiple Goodreads reviews and even a coworker who listened to Betz Hamilton s episode of the podcast Criminal totally ruined the big reveal for me Try to stay away from anything that smacks of a spoiler and go in with a clear mind Betz Hamilton s story is truly crazy She grew up in Portland Indiana a small farming town to a relatively poor family side note she constantly refers to Portland with no state appellation like it s a city people have heard of I definitely thought she was referring to either Maine or Oregon for a good chunk of the book Her dad was not a farm boy but uickly took to the farming lifestyle after inheriting his wife s dad s property Her mom had a variety of middle class jobs But soon enough the bills started pouring in the water was shut off strange things started to happen Her dad was baffled at this where was their money going Who was spending it and on what Her mom uickly realized what was going on their identities were stolen It was fraud They had no idea who the culprit was but they were financially underwater and fast Axton s parents began to drill a sense of paranoia into her Don t open the door for anyone You see anyone on our property you pick up the nearest weapon and call dad This obviously causes a lot of trauma for young Axton As she gets older she gets lost in academia letting that be her release she actually goes into the field of identity theft research contributing to the relatively sparse body of work and uickly getting invited to speak at prestigious conferences and universities But one day after a series of heartwrenching family events she discovers who the identity thief was all along It s not a pretty revelation I enjoyed listening to this book although I have to say that I came into the story already knowing what happens The reveal wasn t shocking to me but the whole situation still baffles me Going into spoiler mode in 321 view spoilerHow could her mom be spending all of this money What was she even spending it on How was life enjoyable for her living in constant debt and seeing her daughter and husband miserable on top of it all How was this even slightly worth any joy she could have gotten from material purchases Am I the only one who thought the ending suggesting she had MPDDID was totally bunk hide spoiler

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CHARACTERS The Less People Know About Us REVIEW Þ The Less People Know About Us An identity theft expert tells the story of the duplicity and betrayal that inspired her career and nearly destroyed her familyAxton Betz Hamilton grew up in small town Indiana in the early '90s When she was 11 years old her parents both had their identities stolen Their credit ratings were ruined and they were constantly fighting over money This was before the age of the Internet when identity theft became commonplace so authorities and banks were clueless and reluctant to help Axton's parentsAxton's fa. This is a truly twisted tale of loss and betrayal in small town Portland Indiana I don t know if I could recommend it to others because it s so frustrating This family reacts to trauma by becoming paranoid and self isolating Even though identity theft was a new type of crime when the story started I hate how apathetic everyone seems to be the family relatives the police and friends Everyone except for the daughter who couldn t do anything except live in fear of whoever was doing this to their family She does become an expert on identity theft in later life so some good came out of it