PDF Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853

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  • Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853
  • Barry Denenberg
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  • 15 February 2020
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Free read Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853 Download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Barry Denenberg Barry Denenberg ↠ 6 Read Author Barry Denenberg brings us into the whirlwind that is the life of Princess Elisabeth of Austria A free and impetuous spirit Elisabeth is chosen at the age of fiftee. I think of myself sold as a child of fifteen and taking an oath I did not understand and could never undo When I was four years old I was watching my mom iron clothes Being a curious if somewhat na ve kid I thought it would be a grand idea to touch the hot iron My mom warned me that it was a bad idea and not to touch it but being the defiant little toddler that I was I touched it anywayReader it hurtI burned my hand and my mom got the opportunity to tell me that she told me it wasn t a good idea As usual Mom is always rightThe tragic life of Elisabeth of Austria is like watching something very similar happen At the tender age of fifteen Elisabeth accompanies her mother and older sister Helene to the royal court The reason Their mother is trying to arrange a marriage between Helene and Franz Joseph the emperor of the Austrian empire At the age of 18 Helene is the perfect age for marriage material Elisabeth being 15 is still a long ways off from marriage prospects And then the unthinkable happens Franz Joseph falls in love all right but with Elisabeth And he falls hardElisabeth s mother is thrilled her father is overjoyed she s smitten and Franz Joseph s mother is worried She warns her son that while she does like Elisabeth she s not Empress material She s too impetuous not refined and graceful enough and the marriage was going to be a disasterReader he didn t listenHe and Elisabeth get married in a lavish ceremony and then everything immediately begins to fall apart Just like his mother predicted This book follows the whirlwind courtship between Elisabeth and Franz Joseph and ends with their wedding It s one of the shortest installments in The Royal Diaries series and it shows The book moved at breakneck pace that you could hardly keep up with the thing The epilogue was in depth than the actual diary entries However the entries do show you how towards the end Elisabeth starts to regret her decisionTruth be told Franz and Elisabeth were a good match aesthetically but not a good match personality wise Elisabeth was a country girl at heart happiest with her beloved horses siblings and father She liked riding writing poetry wandering the countryside and playing with the village folk in town In many historian s opinion she was simply not prepared or meant for the strict rigidity of the royal court It was too uppity too formal To make a modern comparison it would be like if the Franz Joseph were living in the present day but instead of marrying a Kate Middleton he married a Meghan Markle Hence the reason she and Prince Harry left the royal courtElisabeth s story is ultimately a tragic one as she did not live the happily ever after life that she so desperately wanted She exerted great influence over her life and is still considered one of the most influential figures in Austrian history However that one fateful decision that was made changed the course of her life forever and not in a good way This was one of the disappointing entries in The Royal Diaries series just because I felt that the author glossed over a lot of Elisabeth s early life Maybe this was because he was focusing on such a minute point in her life that he didn t feel the need to dig any deeper I as a reader wanted to read about her and get insight into her fictional thoughts and I think other readers would agree This paper thin book offers a uick slice into the life of a remarkable young woman who would ultimately live an extremely tragic life I was forced onto center stage compelled to play the starring role in a play I had not read until I discovered wherein resided my destiny

Free read Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853

Free read Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853 Download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Barry Denenberg Barry Denenberg ↠ 6 Read Onsibilities Feeling lonely and alienated Elisabeth is forced to rely upon her own personal strength which eventually leads her down the aisle and into an uncertain futur. For my next Royal Diaries book I decided to read about Empress Elisabeth of Austria I don t really know anything about her so I didn t have any preconceived expectations or anything like thatI ve read a fair number of Royal Diaries books including this one on Elisabeth I have read 12 of the 20 books in this series so from my experience so far I think this book is the most put together one Some of the other diaries were just well diaries where the princesses talked about their day to day activities and barely any plot happens This series is meant to educate kids about not only these historical figures but also about what life was like back in their respective time periods so I understand why some of the books were written that way I was very pleased to find when reading this book that it managed to fit in an actual story as well instead of just talking about what Elisabeth did every dayThis book on Elisabeth begins with herself her mother and her sister being summoned to meet the Emperor of Austria and his mother Princess Sophie The reality of the meeting is that the mothers have paired up the 23 year old emperor with Elisabeth s 18 year old sister However when everyone met the Emperor found himself smitten with Elisabeth instead He asks for her hand in marriage which shocks Elisabeth She had not expected this at all and what s worse she s afraid her sister will hate her for this However she too really likes this handsome young emperor so she accepts well also because her mother really wants Elisabeth to accept so at least ONE of her daughters can become Empress of AustriaEven though Elisabeth is happy to be marrying the Emperor she is absolutely intimidated by her future duties as an Empress As the day of the royal wedding approaches closer and closer Elisabeth finds herself and uncomfortable with imperial life Yet she must endure Like I said it was great that this book actually had a story and I enjoyed reading it It s extremely short only about 100 pages the rest of the book is the epilogue historical notes family tree and pictures which is roughly 50 pages on its own While the story presented in this book is interesting Elisabeth s life after she was married would have made an even fascinating story I think In a tragic sort of way Of course the Royal Diaries series focuses on the princess and ueens childhoods since it is a series aimed at childrenAnyway I digress This is definitely one of the better Royal Diaries books of the series short and sweet

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Free read Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853 Download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Barry Denenberg Barry Denenberg ↠ 6 Read N over her older sister to be the wife of Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria From that moment on she is thrown into an intimidating world of restrictions and tremendous resp. A great introduction to this little known royal of the Austro Hungarian Empire When my daughter was collectingreading the Royal Diaries series I wanted to check them out as well Even though the diary focuses on Sisi before her marriage these Diaries typically do this I think to relate to the intended reading demographic her life after getting married is much enthralling This book got me reading Allison Pataki s novels about this empress THE ACCIDENTAL EMPRESS and SISI EMPRESS ON HER OWN This book and the entire Royal Diaries series is a great start for young historical fiction fans