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Alien Bride (Alien #2) Summary ✓ 5 Ess But when a neighboring government tries to impress him with a gift of five beautiful slaves he finds himself drawn to one of them uickly this human tears down everything Kye thought he knew about himself challenging him in a way he has never experienced before Has Kye Amara finally met his match And will he be able to prove he is man enough for his ALIEN BRID. What to saywhat to say Well I really did NOT like the character Alessandra very much Nope not at all Granted she went through trauma blah blah blah but found the interactions with Kye love that name over the top I also hope the story moves away from this SerenityFirefly mock up of technically advanced people choosing to live like primitives Have Madreed spare some platesutensils and mattresses from her spaceship for heaven s sake and stop this basket weaving pottery making lifestyle It made sense in Book 1 before they were rescued but beyond farminganimal husbandry and some sort of therapeutic process it no longer jives There s enough traffic into and off of the planet that they don t need to become some kind of alien hippies living in a commune

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Alien Bride (Alien #2) Summary ✓ 5 Bride The strange new culture that takes her in certainly does things differently than humans Will she be able to get through the time she shares with her alien husband without arguing for long enough to make it home Or will she lose her heart somewhere along the way Kye Amara the rich and cocky diplomat has always had everything at his disposal money women succ. It took a while for me to warm up to both Alessandra and Kye but the story kept me hooked Alessandra is determined to keep Kye away and poor Kye makes really stupid mistakesI m really liking the universe building

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Alien Bride (Alien #2) Summary ✓ 5 Alessandra Kennedy wakes up to a veritable hell locked in a cage and held captive by aliens But her greatest fear is of what lies beyond those cell doors What horrors will the new life beyond her prison have to offer She imagined every worst case scenario and all the horrible things that might await her but never once did she imagine she would become an alien’s. Alessandra wakes up in hell She s locked in a glass box unable to hear anything around her But she can see and all she sees is otherwomen in similar glass boxes to her own The only difference is The other women aren t human She s been abducted by aliens But the ordeal isn t over when they finally let her out Instead she is given to an alien ambassador as a gift and ends up being his bride Kye has just been gifted a disaster Slaves His government strictly forbids the slave trade but he accepts them to avoid an intergalactic incident He also can t help being drawn to one of the females a female he makes his brideUrgh my synopsis didn t explain this book very well here s a better shorter one fiery human arrogant diplomat fiery and passionate romance This is the second book in the Elysia series by Tracy Lauren although it can be read as a standalone In fact on Goodreads and you will find it listed as a standalone however it does link and share characters with those in Alien Instinct which if you haven t read you definitely shouldI really enjoyed this book I absolutely loved the heroine Alessandra She d been thrown into a horrible situation aka sold into slavery to a dubious rescue by Kye I say dubious as he and everyone else does their best to minimise it so it doesn t interfere with their own interests Alessandra does not just meekly accept that Just like she doesn t meekly accept the marriage to Kye even though he is handsome with some killer pheromones I really liked that about this book and I could really feel Alessandra s frustration especially with KyeKye had some growing to do He started off this book arrogant selfish and a bit entitled But he was a good hero you could see he had potential However his completely inability to acknowledge the wrong done to Alessandra put him down a few notches in the attractiveness scale But as you read Alien Bride you could see his character evolve as his feelings for Alessandra grow stronger Then we get to the redemption part of the story There s a lot of books out there where the hero acts like a dickhead but then confesses his love and all is okay Not good enough In this book I was really happy with the way Kye redeemed himself and came through for AlessandraHowever despite their contentious relationship their mutual attraction was obvious from the start As the book progressed their bond just grew stronger as they developed of a friendshipwith a fantastic undertow of sexual tension Lauren also injected this book with plenty of humour and despite Alessandra s dire situation at the beginning of the book this was a fun readThis was a great read romantic funny but with a good amount of depth Tracy Lauren is a new author and this is only her second book but she s definitely got a fan with me I can t wait to see what she brings out next Reviewed by Suzanne Don t want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email