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  • 10 August 2018
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Belonging Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This novella is no longer published online but can be fou. I loved The Darkest Powers trilogy and I adored Derek He s smart and reasonable but not a dork He s cynical and sarcastic but not a complete ass He s loyal and caring but not sickly romantic And GASP A YA love interest who isn t fabulously incredibly shockingly unbelievably orgasmically clichely hotsmexy Sign me upI loved him and Cloe as well They called each other out on their bs but also supported and cared for each otherStill I didn t really enjoy this novella as much as I would have liked Perhaps it s because it s just been so long since I finished the trilogy that I barely remember what happened I wish I knew about it back when it was all still fresh in my heart and mind Maybe I ll re read the series one day and come back to thisBut that wasn t the only reason Some of it was actually Derek I couldn t really decide if his overbearing overprotective jealous attitude concerning Cloe was sweet or annoying I just knew it was kind of obnoxious The moments they had were cute though and I enjoyed themview spoilerAnother thing that bugged me was when Carter followed Cloe and Derek into the woods Kit was completely unconcerned He reasoned He was interested in Cloe and wanted to see where she lived No one argues with thisI m sorry am I ignorant Is this normal A random guy who flirted with a girl at the mall follows her home without her knowledge or permission and this is normal It sounds like one of those horror movie plotlines where the girl usually ends up getting killed But hey what do I knowSpeaking of Carter he was a stupid haughty envious little fudge and I hope Liz gave him a concussion hide spoiler

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Belonging Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ce after the events in The Reckoning Written in Derek's P. All I can say is I am a fan of Derek and Chloe and I ve always been wondering what Derek is thinking inside that smart head of his And now I see there s nothing but Chloewhich are both sweet and disturbing at the same timeHe is portrayed to be overprotective here and basically he is But according to what I ve learnt so far wolves tend to be territorial and protect whatever they consider theirs regardless of the conseuences So the fact that Derek can think rationally however little makes me willing to cut him some slack The only thing I don t like is that how no one seems to think that a stranger to follow a fifteen year old is strange and creepy And they have the nerve to brush it off I mean for someone who has been hiding and escaping surely you think they have some brains to be careful But of course I get to see some DerekChloe moments Cute and adorable to the point that my heart is melting That really brings back fond memories and reminds me why I fell so hard for them both back thenThey had earned a place in my heart and will continue to do so

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Belonging Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nd in Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2A novella that takes pla. I adore Derek It was so great reading from his POV Belonging takes place a few months after the events in The Reckoning and we learn a bit about the wolf side of Derek s family What I loved the most though were the times he thought about and the moments he shared with Chloe It was too cute He s very protective of her and he goes overboard sometimes but he tries really hard not to be overbearing It s a good thing Chloe s really tough and always sets him straight They really do make such a great team and perfect couple Anyway you can read the novella prologue 11 chapters on KA s Darkest Powers blog right now She s going to take it down not sure when so be sure to read it while it s still there and available for freeBtw I was neutral towards Aunt Lauren in the books but after reading this novella ARGH I cannot stand that woman