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  • 15 June 2020
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Download ´ Delilah by Shelia M. Goss 105 Shelia M. Goss Ý 5 Read Act him by real estate developer William Trusts who wants to acuire the land where Samson's church stands Samson feels like his relationship with God puts him above it all but his weakness for Delilah may just cause him to lose everythin. The author shares a modern day story of Samson and Delilah which is one of my favorite stories in the Bible that tells us about lusting with our eyes and in our hearts and falling for the deceptions in which leads to our destruction Samson a pastor is lured into Delilah s temptations of the flesh although he practiced celibacy beforehand He allowed this to take place regardless of his engagement to Julia and hard to shake Delilah off even after marriage It can be difficult to break off spiritual adultery and sexual ties but he kept putting himself back in this position even in his mind he still desired Delilah versus his very own wife Julia on their wedding night Delilah has her own motives money was the major factor but believes she loves Samson Many adults cannot distinguish between lust versus loveI hope this author continues to write Christian Fiction first novel in this genre I loved it This is marked one of my favorite reads besides My Invisible Husband at this time I also can see this on TV or future movie on DVD

characters Delilah by Shelia M. Goss

Delilah by Shelia M. Goss

Download ´ Delilah by Shelia M. Goss 105 Shelia M. Goss Ý 5 Read Will be able to keep his head on straight with her Especially considering he's about to be married to Julia Rivers Julia helped shape Samson into the man he is but Delilah wants to knock him down He doesn't know she's been hired to distr. I always expect Christian fiction to be preachy and overbearing However I was pleasantly surprised to find that Shelia Goss latest novel Delilah manages to be neither Instead this book combines an urban fiction style with Christian overtones Not surprisingly the primary characters Samson and Delilah are references to the well known biblical tale Delilah Baker is determined to win the heart and soul of Pastor Samson Judges a man she first came to know with underhanded intentions There is one major obstacle standing in her way his fianc e Julia Just as Delilah is determined to get Samson Samson is determined to keep his indiscretions with Delilah a well guarded secret However he finds that Delilah is not a woman easily ignored Church politics and good old fashioned backbiting and backstabbing come together in this cautionary tale of greed lust and obsession Although Goss creates complicated characters in a realistic way her ending actually threatens to fall into the trap that many characters throughout the book fall into as they judge Delilah for her actions But given the context of the entire book perhaps this is intentional Overall Delilah is a good read even for those who are not regular readers of urban or Christian fictionTaKeshia BrooksAAMBC Reviewer

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Download ´ Delilah by Shelia M. Goss 105 Shelia M. Goss Ý 5 Read Thirty and fine Samson Judges is preacher of the Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church He's beloved by his congregation but temptation is about to strike in the form of divalicious beauty Delilah and only the Good Lord knows if Samson. What did it for me with this book was the characters I thought they were fascinating and I enjoyed them so much that I didn t care what the plot was after a while Sheila does an excellent job creating three dimensional characters that cannot be pigeonholed and that I must say are extremely realistic From the first page we get the kind of woman Delilah is She s selfish egotistical scandalous and all in between It was very hard for me to feel sympathy for Delilah but Sheila does a fantastic job making her so colorful that you see why Delilah does what she does This is what I loved about this book Sheila turned a character you can easily hate into someone you sympathized with Even though I wanted to hate Delilah I really couldn t by the endSamson is just as colorful as Delilah as a character From first glance Samson appears to have it all He s a successful young preacher with the world at his feet He has a loving family a beautiful fiance and is on his way to making huge strides in his career He makes the biggest mistake of his life and falls to the charms of Delilah From that point on his world is turned upside down Samson could have easily been written in a way where he fell flat for being too perfect But the we see of him we soon realize he has tons of different shades to him In my opinion Samson was a worse person than Delilah I think he preyed on her used her and threw her away when he was done with her But Delilah isn t the type of woman to be thrown away Samson learns that better than anyoneMy favorite character was Julia Once again Sheila gives us a colorful character that has had real issues and has had to make complicated choices Julia was the bright light and with the things going on in this book I was glad to have a character that brought calmness when everything hit the fan I could relate to Julia and I don t think the book would have been as effective without her You needed someone to root for and Julia is the only candidateI didn t like Delilah but I liked her spunk and the way she didn t let Samson run over her I disliked Samson and because as the story went on it was clear he wasn t exactly the victim I never felt sorry for him because I felt he brought everything on himself I also didn t believe he really understood what he d jeopardized even when it all came to a head My only complaint was that I wanted to see what happened with Samson and I think in that aspect the book ended a bit too soon But other than that the book was than satisfying and one of the most entertaining I ve read in a while I d love to see of these characters in the future