Star In The Storm E–book/E–pub

  • Paperback
  • 160
  • Star In The Storm
  • Joan Hiatt Harlow
  • English
  • 27 October 2020
  • 9781416905301

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Star In The Storm Read & download Í 102 Ides Sirius awayBut when a steamer crashes into the rocks during a violent storm and starts to sink with a hundred passengers on board Maggie faces a difficult choice She knows Sirius can he. Pros This book was filled with excitement adventure and suspense It was well written and I had no idea what would happen next AND THAT ENDING AWWCons I don t know what to think of Tamar Does she have witch powers Did she cause Vera s sickness Is she a good person nowMaggie s parents are sooo unrealistic At one point in the book Maggie tells them she s going to hide Star from everyone and her parents are literally like okay that s great sweetie They just go along with everything Maggie saysOverall I think this is a great book and think that while this is a children s book teenagers and even adults would enjoy this story

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Star In The Storm Read & download Í 102 A RISKY SECRET All non sheepherding dogs have been outlawed from the rocky coastal village where Maggie lives Unwilling to give up her beloved Newfoundland Sirius Maggie defies the law and h. Read Aloud 6 yrs Reader 8 yrs Worldview ChristianSettingLocation Newfoundland Time Period 1912Review A wholesome and heartwarming story about a young girl who loves her Newfoundland dog Sirius than anything When a law is passed banning all dogs except sheep dogs she must find a way to save Sirius The struggles of Newfoundland fishing families are well presented The men of the community work for a neighbor who owns his own fishing boat He holds back than his fair share of the catch becoming wealthy while the others struggle to get by Together a number of the men work toward creating their own fishing operation so that they will be free from his grasp Illness danger and a shipwreck are all part of the excitement of this fast moving novel As the author s first novel this one is not as well developed as some of her later work but it is perfectly suited to a student ready for a slightly challenging novel but still needing a book that is not too long and with manageable chapter length The use of dialect in the dialogue is much lighter than later books written by this author and should be manageable for most mid level readers The book touches on a vast array of details specific to the region including dialect diet folklore history and environment Teacher Application This would be a nice book to introduce Newfoundland to students although as a read aloud Thunder from the Sea by the same author is engaging but certainly a higher reading level Any child who will read only dog books would love this one This would also be a great choice for a reluctant reader who loves dogs Sirius will win each reader s heart as he rescues the shipwreck victims near the end of the book A wonderful book well suited to a young advanced reader Highly wholesome the book does include several prayers and scriptures throughout The Christian message in this book comes through a little strongly than the author s later booksThere is a thorough author s note at the back of the book that explains what is fact and which details are fiction There is also a map of Newfoundland at the front of the bookCharacter Traits TaughtForgivenessDoing what is right even when it is difficultDo something constructive to solve a problem don t just badmouth those you feel are causing the problemParental Warning Language Oh God p 36

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Star In The Storm Read & download Í 102 Lp rescue the people trapped on the ship but bringing him out of hiding would put his own life in jeopardy Is Maggie's brave dog a big enough hero to save the desperate passengers and himsel. Great story about a stray Newfoundland dog who finds a home and a job rescuing shipwreck survivors in early 1900s Newfoundland