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Global Activism Free read É 106 E promises of constitutional and state democracy Activism may be the first new art form of the twenty first century global aCtIVISm the capitalized letters form the Latin word civis emphasizing the power of citizens describes and documents politically inspired art global art practices that draw attention to grievances and demand the transformation of existing conditions through actions demonstrations and performances in public space Essays by leading thinkers including Noam Chomsky Antonio Negri Peter Sloterdijk and Slavoj Zizek consider the emerging role of the citizen in the new performative democracy The essays are followed by images of art objects illustrations documents and other material first shown in an exhibition at ZKM Center for Art and Media.

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Global Activism Free read É 106 Karlsruhe as well as case studies by artists and activistsEssays byCan Altay Sruti Bala and Veronika Zangl Tatiana Bazzichelli Olaf Bertram Nothnagel Angela Bonadies Robin Celikates Korhan Gms Dietrich Heienbttel Bruno Latour Sarah Maske Ugo Mattei Graham Meikle Andr Mesuita Marcus Michaelsen Walter D Mignolo MTL Antonio Negri Dimitris Papadopoulos Vassilis Tsianos and Margarita Tsomou Rita Raley Arman and Arash T Riahi Martha Rosler Peter Sloterdijk Karl Peter Sommermann Guido Strack Jackie Sumell Zixue Tai Tatiana Volkova Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud Dan S Wang and Sarah Augusta Lewison Peter Weibel Ahmad Zatari Bo Zheng Ragip Zik Slavoj ZizekInterviews withAmmar Abo Bakr and Ganzeer Younes Belghazi and Hadeer Elmahdawy Erdem Gndz Joulia Strauss.

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Global Activism Free read É 106 Documenting and describing the emerging performative democracy the first new art form of the twenty first century Today political protest often takes the form of spontaneous noninstitutional mass action Mass protests during the Arab Spring showed that established systems of power in that case the reciprocal support among Arab dictators and Western democracies can be interrupted at least for a short moment in history These new activist movements often use online media to spread their message Mass demonstrations from Tahrir Suare in Cairo to Taksim Suare in Istanbul show the power of networked communication to fuel performative democracy at the center of which stands the global citizen Art is emerging as a public space in which the individual can claim th.

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